Drinking Mo Mo Cup hangover has a recipe

Drinking Mo Mo Cup hangover has a recipe

Drinking Mo Mo Cup hangover has a recipe

When tofu is used, it is better to use tofu to make the next dish.

Because the cysteine in tofu is a major amino acid, it can dissolve the aldehyde poison, and it can be quickly discharged after eating.

  Vinegar vinegar 20 ml, slowly served.

You can also eat radish (1 bowl) mixed with vinegar and sugar, or cabbage heart mixed with vinegar and sugar (1 bowl), or 2 pineapple eggs mixed with vinegar, or 50 grams of vinegar25 grams of brown sugar, 3 slices of ginger, Jianshui clothes.

  Mung beans, red beans, black beans, 3 kinds of beans, 60 grams each, plus 12 grams of licorice, boiled, beans, soup together, can refresh the hangover, eliminate the symptoms of alcoholism.

  Jujube, Gehua root jujube, Puhua root each 15 grams, together with decoction, has a good hangover, cool, diuretic effect.

  Pears are eaten with pears or squeezed pear juice.

  Take 9 pieces, wash them into a muddy shape, and wrap them with gauze to squeeze out the juice drink (this method can drink the most drunken people such as sorghum wine).

  1000 grams of white radish white radish, smashed into a mud to take juice, 1 serving.

You can also add brown sugar to the white radish juice.

Can also eat raw radish.

  Ginger drunk after nausea and vomiting, you can take a small piece of ginger in the mouth, can stop vomiting.

  Fresh oranges eat fresh orange (fresh orange also) 4-6 or juice drink.

  Sugar tea water sugar tea water can replace the blood alcohol concentration and accelerate excretion.

  For those who are drunk, if they are still unable to reorganize the hangover by the above method, they will be sent to the hospital in an emergency.