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The story of hunters and hounds

The story of hunters and hounds

No permanent friends, only permanent interests.

Although this statement is too absolute, it also has its practical significance.

The conflict of interests between people seems to have never stopped for thousands of years.

  The story of the hunter and the hound dog: the goal of a hound dog to drive the rabbit out of the nest, has been chasing him, chasing for a long time still not caught.

The shepherd saw the real scene, and the sneer dog said: “The difference between the two of you is running faster.

The hound replied: “You don’t know that our two runs are completely different!”

I only ran for a meal, but he ran for his life!

“This word was heard by the hunter. The hunter thought: The hound dog is right, then I want to get more prey, I have to think of a good way.”

So, the hunter bought a few hunting dogs. Anyone who can catch a rabbit in hunting can get a few bones. If you can’t catch it, there is no food to eat.

This trick is really useful, the hounds have to work hard to chase rabbits, because no one is willing to watch others have bones to eat, they have not eaten.

  This happened every second, and the problem reappeared.

The big rabbit is very difficult to catch, and the little rabbit is good to catch.

But catching the big rabbit’s reward and catching the bones that the bunny got, the hounds are good at observing and discovering the trick to catch the bunny.

Slowly, everyone found this trick.

The hunter said to the hound: Recently, the rabbit you caught is getting smaller and smaller. Why?

The hounds said: There is no big difference anyway, why is it so expensive to catch those big ones?

  After thinking about it, the dynamic hunter decided not to link the number of bones to the rabbit, or even use the shift every time to count the total weight of the dog.

The hounds were evaluated by weight and decided to pay the internal expenses.

As a result, the number and weight of the hounds caught by the hounds increased.

The hunter is very happy.

  But after a little, the hunters found that the number of rabbits caught by the hounds was less, and the more experienced the hounds, the more the number of catching rabbits fell.

So the hunter went to the hound again.

The hound said: “We have dedicated the best time to you, the master, but the exchange of our exchange time will be old. When we can’t catch the rabbit, will you give us bones to eat?

The hunter made a careful decision on merits.

Analyze and summarize the number and weight of all the hounds caught by the hound. It is stipulated that if the number of rabbits caught exceeds a certain amount, even if the rabbit is not caught, a certain amount of bones can be obtained for each meal.

The hounds are very happy, everyone is trying to reach the number of hunters.

After the launch, some hunting dogs finally reached the number prescribed by the hunter.

  At this time, one of the dogs said: “We worked so hard to get only a few bones, and the prey we caught far exceeded these bones.

Why can’t we catch rabbits for ourselves?

“So, some hounds left the hunter, and they caught the rabbit and went to the bones and the meat. The hunter was losing the hound, and the lost hounds like the wild dogs and their own hounds grabbed the rabbits.

The situation got worse and worse, the hunter had to seduce a wild dog and asked him if the wild dog was stronger than the hound.

The wild dog said: “The hound dog eats the bones, and the meat is spit out!

“And then again: “Not all the wild dogs have to eat meat, most of the last bones are not!

  Otherwise it will not be tempted by you.

“The hunter has undergone reforms, resulting in each dog being part of the rabbit meat, in addition to the basic bones, and with the length of service, the contribution is getting bigger, the ratio is getting bigger and bigger, and the hunter’s total rabbit meat can be shared.a part of.

In this way, the hounds and the hunters worked hard to force the wild dogs to complain, and they strongly urged the return to the dog team.

  Only forever eternal interests, no eternal friends, day by day, winter is here, rabbits are getting less and less, and hunters’ harvests are not as good as one day.

And the old hunting dogs who have been serving for a long time are too old to catch rabbits, but still enjoy the big food they think they deserve.Finally, one day hunters can no longer bear it, sweeping them out, because hunters need more powerful hounds. The story is about the intricate relationship between hunters and hounds, but it also reflects the interests of people.Disputes.

We are in a world of talents, we need to identify our situation in the competitive competition, so that we can better prepare for tomorrow, not as miserable as those old dogs.

Recently, a very popular red resort hotel with a building area of 30,000 square meters

Recently, a very popular red resort hotel with a building area of 30,000 square meters

High end!



Guangdong “Aegean Sea” Hot Springs St. Toli Hot Springs Manor Building area of nearly 40,000 square meters of Mediterranean style original soup health care place to take a second vacation feeling abroad?
There is wood!

Just because the TA can’t get out of Guangzhou, you can also enjoy a day holiday. The seat of St. Toli Hot Springs is located in the beautiful Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring Tourist Town.

The manor is on the banks of the Liuxi River and is surrounded by mountains and mountains. It is mainly characterized by the architectural style of the leisure town along the Aegean Sea. It has a strong southern European Mediterranean style.

(The above price is reasonable reference) (the poolside suite only has two sets per day) Remarks: Sunday-Thursday, according to the weekday price, Friday, Saturday, weekend price, Superior King Room/Deluxe King Room A Terrace Facing the Park SpaPool, Deluxe King Bed B is located in the middle of the park, Deluxe Spa is located on the third floor of the main building, poolside suites are surrounded by surf pools. The St. Toli Spa Manor has a building area of 30,000 square meters. It has more than 50 styles and different open-air hot spring pools.And a large water park.

The dreamland of the fairyland will definitely make you linger in the awesome room distributed in the interior of the park. The garden is chic and decorated with Mediterranean style.

Superior King Room Deluxe King Room A / B Poolside Suite B / A Deluxe Twin Room Original Soup Hot Spring Manor is built on only a few of the domestic hot springs with soda and so on. The water temperature is more than 60 degrees and the spring water may be more than 20 kinds.It is beneficial to human body minerals and trace elements, colorless and odorless, with health care and health effects.

The world’s two rarest “Yuquan” is located in Europe and Switzerland; the other is in Conghua, and the St. Toli Hot Spring Manor is built on the spring of this “Yuquan”, which is the best in the hot springs.

There are 50 original garden hot spring pools of different sizes in the park, each with its own functions and features. The spacious and bright lounge hall provides guests with a free and comfortable environment to enjoy the soaking hot springs.

The large water park estate also has a large outdoor water park of more than 3,000 square meters. It is equipped with artificial wave-making function and parent-child interaction area, and the water-filled interpretation stage is an occasional performance, which makes the guests happy to return.

Fine dining restaurant

My fattening secret

My fattening secret

It can be exaggerated to say that many people will look for my training plan after seeing my experience. In fact, there is nothing special.

If you really have to say something special, I really have a little fattening secret to share and share with you.

It may be a bit disgusting to watch here, but if you really want to gain weight, then please continue to read it.

  First of all, let me talk about my diet. This is my personal experience: All of the following are personal experience of fattening, and they are all knocked out by one word of my hard work. If you think you are disgusting, please don’t read it.

  The most common source of our staple food each year is not rice, or even whole-grain bread, which should be 2 or 3 packs a day.

  Maybe we haven’t realized that when we add a lot of protein, we don’t get enough doping. At this time, the time from the stomach to the tip of the rectum (anus) is about 4 or 5 hours.

  But if you eat some crude fiber food samples, rice, cereal, vegetables, fruits, fiber and other foods from the stomach to the anus is more than 6 hours.

  At this time the problem is coming!

  Which is better?

If you want to lose weight, of course, you like food and quickly discharge it from the body, so you will not gain weight!

  But for those of us who want to gain weight, it is not a good thing for food to reach the anus too quickly, because the protein has not been fully absorbed by us, so nutrition should stay in the body.

When we work, we are not absorbed and decomposed, for our consumption.

Then we have to find ways to let those proteins (including meat, fish, eggs, protein powder, milk) stay in the small intestine and large intestine until all the nutrients have been absorbed, and then converted into stools to pull out.

Therefore, qualified stool should be shaped golden yellow!

  If the stool is thin or simply diarrhea, it proves that the absorption is not good, so how to improve it?

  The solution is to eat more crude fiber and implant the fiber.

  The best way to do this is to use whole-grain bread instead of staple foods, which include the fine grains we usually eat, including pasta, rice and the like.

  The fiber of whole wheat bread is thicker than taro and rice, but it does not harm the peptic ulcer caused by appetite, and can effectively increase the residence time in the interconnection, increase the absorption time, and finally reach the object after fusion with protein.Do your best.

  The next thing to say is how to make the protein easier to absorb.

The next sentence is a fact: the best protein to absorb is simply to buy protein powder, because the protein powder is decomposed more delicate, there are slow-release proteins on the market, suitable for evening drinks.

These are easier to digest than food, why?

  Because the protein powder is a liquid!

  The problem is coming again. What kind of beef do we usually eat?

Do you think that you can pass the chewing mouth?

  The beef that had been used in the mouth did not reach the effect of the chyme. After reaching the stomach, it was dissolved by the stomach acid, and then it began to absorb in the small intestine.

But the protein powder is different. When he reaches the stomach, it is liquid. It has already begun to absorb. It means that he is twice as much as the beef absorption program, and more protein is absorbed by the body.

  How to improve the drawbacks of chewing beef with mouth chewing?

  The answer is to pay the broken machine. I don’t know if everyone uses it. Anyway, I am a must. This fat-increased secret person I don’t tell him ^ _ ^.

The crude fiber meat (beef, horse meat) that I ate must be paid by the shredder.

After the protein is broken down into smaller pieces, it is easily absorbed by the body without burdening the stomach.

And after combining with whole wheat bread, you can stay longer in the interconnection.

  That’s why I eat a few slices of bread, and the effect of gaining a few tons of beef juice is better than that of many people eating a few bowls of rice.

  The above is the valuable experience that I have summed up, so I will write it out and share it with you!

  Don’t ignore the combination of coarse fiber and shredder!

If you don’t pay the shredder, you can chew a few more mouths when you eat (this method is very useful).

How does your own soul moisturize?

How does your own soul moisturize?

There may be some girlfriends around you who think you are living “moisturizing”. You especially appreciate her and envy her success and freedom.

However, if someone else has it, it is better to have it: to be a moisturizing woman, it is not a matter of “difficult to go to the sky”.

  First of all, you have to be confident.

Every morning after the grooming, the woman in the mirror yelling aloud: “I am fine!

Psychologists say that this is one of the means to develop your potential!

  Second, tolerance.

Allow the existence of different life concepts.

New and new women should be able to be tolerant, know how to face the choices of others, and recognize the lifestyles of others.

  In rare cases, some people who are indifferent to pathological reasons do not have to worry about the potential impact of secrets on others, so they do not feel the pressure of keeping secrets.

  For spies who are secretive, they know at least what their mission is. They can tell the secrets and tell them how much they have a clear bottom line.

  Someone is born to be more secret.

In the past decade, psychologists have discovered a larger group through experiments, which they call “repressors.”

It is estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of the US population belongs to this group.

These people are more able to ignore or suppress the “secrets” that make them feel embarrassed, so they are more able to keep secrets.

  These “repressors” are very low in the test anxiety and defensive questionnaires.

This means that they rarely get angry, worry about money or be destroyed by evil dreams.

They all feel good about themselves and don’t sweat for a little trouble.

  Although the understanding of these people is not very deep, some psychologists believe that they will use the good memory of self-interference to block the shocking things in their minds.

After gradual practice, these people are used to nature and become excellent and long-secret secret people.