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Health care and wear of Lichun Health

Health care and wear of Lichun Health

As the saying goes, “One year is in spring”, spring is a very important season. For people, spring is a season of stretching feelings and inspiring emotions. For the human body, going through a winter’s stagnation,It saves a winter’s energy, and it needs to be released in the spring.

  Spring itself is the season of rising. It should let the yang rise from the hidden state of winter as soon as possible, and enter a new round of “life, long, harvest, and possession.”

Winter is the season of “hidden” energy, then, now the “Lichun” solar terms have begun, that is, the energy “rise” has begun.

  It can be said that after the beginning of the spring, the focus of health care, in addition to maintaining the body, there are also prevention of disease recurrence.

How should we maintain health after the specific “Lichun”?

For the human body, health care is nothing more than a few aspects, “eat, wear, live”, of course, including health care.

  ● Wearing a reduced dress without losing pants, after eating and living, the following is naturally worn.

“Spring and Autumn” is a proverb that everyone has heard of. What is the health care contained in it?

After the spring, just turned into the early spring from the winter, the weather is warm and cold, and the human body’s blood has just begun to go out from the inside, the outside yang is still weak, if this time does not pay attention to keep warm, cold evil is easy to invade the body, then eachCold diseases will follow.

  However, you know that “spring is frozen”, can you know what the key points are?

In fact, from the perspective of human physiology, the lower limbs are located at the telecentric end, and the blood circulation is naturally much worse than that of the upper limbs and the trunk. It is more susceptible to wind and cold invasion, and the cold is more from the bottom. The clothes of the lower body are less than the clothes of the upper body.It’s easier to be slower.

Lichun does not reduce the pants, of course, the clothes should be slowly reduced. Prematurely reducing the clothes has no harm to the body.

  ● Health care can often follow the acupuncture points in the spring, it will inevitably lead to various discomforts caused by wind evils invading the body, such as headache, dizziness, children with colds and fever, rhinitis attacks, and even facial paralysis. Here are some auxiliary conditioningMethod, of course, if you have already entered the disease period, you still have to see a doctor quickly. After all, most people are still a layman for medical treatment.

  Spring liver gas is too strong and encounters wind evil, it is prone to dizziness, headache and other phenomena, how to deal with this time?

In addition to diet, attention to life, you can also use the corresponding points to deal with.

When you are dizzy, you can use the head cavity, where is the head cavity?

As the name implies, the head of the forehead is in the hairline.

Use the middle finger of both hands to press the squat before and after, close your eyes, and then with the breath, squat for a few minutes, then press the head of the plaque for a few minutes, the temple for a few minutes.

Pressing sputum every day is acupuncture points for treating dizziness, dizziness, and head swelling.

  If you have a headache, you can use the Hegu point and the column missing points to treat it. The thumb is pressed by the sputum, the middle finger is pressed by the sputum, and the two points are pressed together, and the strength is added.

  Many children arrive at the Spring Festival. Because clothes are not properly worn, they are prone to cold and fever. If it is low fever, parents can handle it themselves. How to do it?

You can cut a piece of ginger in half, then rub the back of the child, then rub your hands and feet.

See if you can make your child fall back.

Or use the chrysanthemum to boil water to rub the body for your child.

Do not let your child get cold again, whether it is rubbing or washing.

  In addition, many children in spring are prone to spleen and stomach discomfort, bad appetite, and even accumulate food. At this time, the child can often do chiropractic, and the child’s buttocks have a turtle tail. Starting from the top of the acupoint, the skin is pinched and gradually pushed.Go up and go up to the Dazhui.

Do not be too heavy, be scornful, if the child does not cooperate, you can squat down from the big vertebrae, this time you do not need to pinch the skin.

  Rhinitis is a disease that is more common in spring. In addition to keeping warm, when rhinitis is attacked, it can be used for moxibustion, Dazhui, Fengchi, Lie, Feishu, Pishu, Shenshu, a few points, and a serious nasal congestion.The head is crying.

Dry nose can be added to the star, Hegu, plus hands often massage the lumbosacral bladder, so that the dry nasal cavity is comfortable.

Usually you can often massage the fragrant acupoints, Shang Yingxiang points, eye points and so on.

Let the pouting you become a thin beauty

Let the pouting you become a thin beauty


Protein slimming method One of Japan’s popular weight loss methods, the earliest protein diet menus are only quail eggs and vegetables. After years of evolution, today’s protein diet menus have more fish, shrimp, noodles and so on.

In fact, the protein contained in the protein is very rich, almost the same as the protein contained in the general lean meat. Adults can mix a large number of vegetables, reduce meat consumption, and eat 5 to 6 proteins per day.

  Menu: Breakfast can eat smoked turkey protein with peach cereal bag and 1 cup of water, lunch is burnt prawn eggplant with 1 cup of hot lemon tea with sugar substitute, dinner is roasted dragon and willow with spicy bean stuffed protein, 1 bowlMixed vegetables and 1 cup of water.

  Note: Do not eat for more than 7 days in a row, and you must quit sweets, otherwise you will lose all your efforts.

The cooking method should be steamed, boiled, simmered or less fried. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and no more than 2 times of weight loss treatment in one month.


The theory of eating meat and losing weight is to rely on fasting starch and sweets to reduce the glucose in the blood, thereby stimulating the body to break down fat, providing the purpose of burning adults and reducing weight.

  However, during the burning of adults, the amount of “dialysis” in the blood increases and stimulates urination.

So in general, only part of the weight is unfortunate, and more than 50% is excess water.

Because the method is very simple, you only need to eat pure meat and a lot of vegetables, and you can stop losing weight if you don’t want to go hungry.

  Note: If you use pure meat for normal eating habits for a long time, your body’s plasma will be too high, leading to heart or blood vessel problems.

The human body produces harmful substances when it breaks down fat and protein, which greatly increases the load on the kidneys and liver. Long-term eating will lack sufficient water, and it is only suitable for monthly use.

In addition, the gastrointestinal tract is replaced by a large amount of feces in the meat, adapted to stimulate the faeces to become septic, and supplemented with a large amount of vegetables and water, will double the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, so it is especially suitable for people with constipation.


The slimming method is a calorie-free, but cellulose-rich food.

The ready-to-eat glutinous rice produced by the stalk milling process is free of any calories, but the dieting method that only eats this food every day is quite dangerous.

The best way is to try to cook with each meal. Because the taste of the clam is similar to that of rice, and the taste is very light, so it is cooked in the rice, so that it is easy to be full when eating, thus reducing the low calorie intake.

  Note: As for the extremely popular “蒟蒻 jelly”, it can effectively treat constipation. However, because of the addition of sugar, juice, etc., each small cup of jelly already contains about 100 kcal, so it is not advisable to eat more.

The magical effect of brown sugar

The magical effect of brown sugar

Most people think that brown sugar is suitable for women with irregular menstruation and women who have just given birth.

In fact, brown sugar is more suitable for the elderly, especially for those who are old and frail, and who are recovering from serious illnesses.

This is because brown sugar is a well-recognized refined sugar that retains vitamins and minerals.

Eat more brown sugar for the elderly to maintain health.

  According to different crystal grains, brown sugar is divided into red sugar, brown sugar powder, bowl sugar, etc. Because they are not highly refined, they almost retain all the ingredients in the sugar juice. In addition to the sugar function, they also contain vitamins and trace elements, such asIron, zinc, manganese, chromium, etc., the nutrients are much higher than white sugar.

  Each 100 grams of brown sugar contains 90 mg of calcium, 4 mg of iron, and also contains a small amount of riboflavin and carotene.

Japanese researchers have also extracted a kind of polysaccharide called “molasses” from brown sugar. Experiments have shown that it has antioxidant effects and has obvious effects on anti-aging.

  Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, sweet, and enters the spleen. It has the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, relieving pain, and promoting blood circulation.

The elderly gradually reduce the intake of various trace elements and vitamins, and should pay attention to supplementing in the diet to maintain normal metabolic function and delay aging.

Therefore, experts suggest that when the elderly are eating sugar, they should choose more brown sugar.

  In fact, brown sugar is eaten a lot.

If you can add white fungus, medlar, red dates or boiled with red beans, it is beneficial to water and diuretic effect; add longan, ginger juice, boil, have the effect of supplementing blood; cook with sweet potato and ginger juice, have health effects, but also a differentA snack with flavor.

  However, not everyone is suitable for eating brown sugar.

Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm and suitable for people who are afraid of cold and cold.

In addition, people with high stomach acid, including erosive gastritis, stomach pain caused by gastric ulcer, diabetic patients should not eat brown sugar.

  The next page introduces two simple brown sugar diets.

When the millet red jujube porridge is cooked with millet porridge, put a few red dates.

When the porridge is boiled, add brown sugar when you eat.

The ancients believed that millet porridge, the oil on the top can nourish Yin and kidney, red dates, brown sugar and blood, suitable for the elderly and infirm who are sallow and forgetful.


Red sugar jujube tea red dates add water to boil, add brown sugar, and then take it into black tea (or green tea) and take it frequently.

Drinking this tea often has the effect of replenishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Old people can’t just eat vegetarian meat and be healthier.

Old people can’t just eat vegetarian meat and be healthier.

Nowadays, many elderly people are pursuing vegetarianism, but in fact, long-term vegetarianism is not good for the elderly. Experts believe that the elderly still need to eat some meat in three meals. Let’s take a look at it.

  Older people eat some meat will be healthier. International organizations such as the World Health Organization have set a daily protein intake standard: 0 per kilogram of body weight.

8 grams of protein.

But the amount of protein intake is not enough to maintain the muscle size and strength of older men.

The results of the University of Auckland study show that according to 0.

In the elderly who consumed protein at 8 g/kg body weight, their muscle size and strength decreased; according to the elderly, the amount of muscle loss was reduced in the elderly who doubled the protein in this standard.

  From the age of 50, the size and strength of the muscles will naturally drop.

Severe muscle loss can lead to physical weakness, loss of independence and risk of premature death.

Regular consumption of sufficient protein helps maintain normal muscle function.

  The findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that older men eat high-quality protein at every meal to support muscle health.

In promoting muscle growth, proteins derived from animals (such as dairy products and meat) are transferred from plants.

  What kind of meat is good for the elderly? 1, high-quality fish should be eaten by high-quality fish, especially deep-sea fish.

The weight of omega-3 fatty acids in fish meat, omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, enhance immunity, speed up metabolism, and have a certain protective effect on the retina.

Fish also contains DHA (220% hexahydrate), EPA (twenty carbon five acid), which can promote mental development, enhance memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

At the same time, the amount of trace impurities in fish meat is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  2, beef and beef are rich in protein and amino acids, Chinese medicine believes that beef has Buzhongyiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the bones and bones function, research shows that the beef nutrient composition of pork is closer to the human body needs, the elderly eat beef is conducive to improveThe body’s disease resistance.

Today is the winter season, when eating beef has the effect of warming the stomach, it is a great food tonic.

  3, chicken, duck, chicken and duck meat are the main poultry meat.

Chicken protein, vitamin C, E, etc., easy to digest, and suitable for the elderly.

Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the benefits of warming the body, replenishing the essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, activating the blood vessels, and strengthening the muscles and bones, which is conducive to the elderly to strengthen their physical strength and strengthen their body.

The nutritional value of duck meat is high, protein intake, nourishing, Chinese medicine believes that duck meat is cold, nourishing, nourishing the stomach, tonifying the kidney, eliminating edema, relieving cough and phlegm.

In addition, duck meat contains niacin, which has a certain protective effect on heart disease patients such as myocardial infarction.

  4, rabbit meat rabbit meat protein content is extremely high, but the trace amount, cholesterol content is lower than other meat, is the ideal meat replacement for the elderly, especially for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes patients are very beneficial.

Phospholipid lecithin in rabbit meat has the function of brain and brain.

At the same time, it also contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids required by the human body. Regular consumption of rabbit meat can enhance physical fitness and help the elderly to prolong life.

  5, pork and pork is the main livestock meat, pork is rich in protein and trace amounts of glucose, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients, but also provides heme and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which is conducive to improvementIron deficiency anemia.

Scientific consumption of pork can nourish and strengthen the body, nourishing yin and moistening, but it is necessary to pay special attention to the high content of pork in pork and long-term consumption.

In addition to Downs, Wiggins plays basketball, two points may be the reason for Butler’s departure.

In addition to Downs, Wiggins plays basketball, two points may be the reason for Butler’s departure.

Many people say that Butler left because of Downs, Wiggins’s lack of effort, and even criticized Wiggins to open the health model at a young age. Others James is still the first person in the league, butKings plays basketball, and the data is implanted.

How healthy is Wiggins?

Can not make a layup, do not jump to buckle one, can not shoot a shot, can stand in the corner and other three-pointers, then it is best, even running is saved, walking on the field is more common, offensive endStill, not to mention the performance of the defensive end.

Of course, the reason why Butler wants to leave, Wiggins and Downs also have, but more is two reasons for Butler to leave, Butler negotiated with the Timberwolves a few days ago, realizing that there is noSuccess, the reason is essentially that Butler was forced to go.

The first is that the money is not in place, Butler’s contract expires next year, then what is the renewal contract declared by the Timberwolves?

4 years 1.

One billion, the average annual salary is only 27 million, Butler is at its peak, this is playing Butler’s face, such money can leave Butler with a ghost.

Health Wiggins can take 5 years 1 .

500 million, with an average annual salary of 30 million, Downs’s contract is definitely higher, so why is Butler so low?

You know, Butler is the top ten in the league by the top 100 players. Such a player, such a price, really can’t understand.

In fact, the power is not willing to decentralize. Last season, the Timberwolves were able to enter the playoffs. With Butler’s substance, Butler has the supreme power to see the importance of Butler before and after the injury of the Timberwolves before and after the injury.And the new season, Butler has no such power.

Timberwolves boss Taylor wants to train Wiggins and Towns, and Thibodeau prefers Butler, which has led to contradictions. Now, Thibodeau is overhead, Taylor takes over the deal, Butler’s departure may notFar away, and Xibodu, I will leave if I want to come.

The two points may be the reason why Butler wants to leave. At the same time, Butler is at the peak, playing with two health basketball fans, how to win?

It is better to join the championship team to win the championship, the three are one, and Butler’s departure is a matter of nailing.

Thank you for reading, it is said that you can take a look at it!

5 minutes before going to bed, waist circumference shrinks 6cm

5 minutes before going to bed, waist circumference shrinks 6cm

Life is in motion, and living is tossing.

For women who lose weight, weight loss is exercise, and exercise is toss.

For the urban OL in terms of time, there is always no time for daytime exercise.

In fact, we do not hinder the time of exercise before going to bed.

Tossing before going to bed can not only slim down, but also make you sleep better.

Let’s take a look at what kind of bedtime exercise can be thin waist!


Supine lifting hips: lying on the bed, legs bent, hands on the body pair, feet flat on the bed.

Use your heels to lift your hips slowly and slowly lower to the starting position.

This is repeated 10 times.

  The height can be raised gradually according to the ability to withstand.

If you need to increase the difficulty, you can practice on one foot or add weight to the abdomen (such as a pillow or a book).

  Editor’s note: In fact, this action is mainly the hip force, the force will tighten the buttocks at the same time, so not only can thin waist, but also hips!


Prone shoulder movement: prone on the bed, straight forward.

Slowly lift the upper body to the highest point, slightly raise your head, and then slowly lower to the starting position.

Keep your abdomen and below close to the pad, don’t use too much force.

Repeat 10 times.
  Editor’s note: This pose is more like a yoga pose of Yuzhu.

If it is difficult to do this forward and forward, you can connect the merging on both sides of the body, flush with the shoulders.


Side lying up movement: side lying, left hand branch, right hand in front of the body to support the body, raise the right leg to do side lift legs, left leg picked up.

Note that the body is straight, the toes are down, and the heels are up.

The action should be slowed down.

If you feel sore on the left and right sides, your movements are correct.

Repeat 20 times for each leg.

  Editor’s note: This is the most common one, but it’s very useful to stick with it!

In addition, each time you finish 20, you can use your hands to pat the painful place and relax your muscles.


Knee-legged leg movements: kneeling on the bed, hands on the ground.

Slowly raise and straighten your right arm and left leg to the highest point, then slowly lower to the starting position.

Then swap to the left and right legs.

Maintain the natural state of the head and spine.

The lift height can be gradually increased and exhaled when going up.

Repeat 10 times.
  Editor’s note: This action has disadvantages.

Start to slow down to maintain balance.

After familiarity, the action will be more standard.  After the four sets of actions are done, relax in bed and adjust your breathing.

After 1 month, say goodbye to your little belly!

How to make the indoor environment not hurt your eyes

How to make the indoor environment not hurt your eyes

According to experts, the visual environment affects people’s vision health to varying degrees. The human eye can adapt to a certain range of light radiation due to pupillary adjustment, but when the light radiation increases to a certain amount, it will be on the environment and the human body.Health has an adverse effect, which is called “light pollution.”

So, in the interior decoration, what is the “light pollution” situation worth paying attention to?

  The decoration is too bright in order to make the room look more “magnificent” and to some extent repeat the lack of lighting.

Some families prefer to decorate with higher-quality tiles, even indoors with multiple mirrors, whitewashed walls, and so on.

  Expert comment: Under normal circumstances, the light reflection coefficient of the roof and the wall should be less than 60%, the ground should be 15% -35% overly bright decorative surface, the reflection coefficient is as high as 90%, exceeding the human body’s tolerance.

In this highly reflective, lacking color environment, the cornea and iris may be damaged, causing visual fatigue or decreased vision, increasing the incidence of cataract.

At the same time, it will disturb the normal circadian rhythm and induce neurasthenia and insomnia.

  Colorful lighting Many families in the replacement of lamps and light sources, in order to pursue romance, luxury, often reasonable and reasonable lighting needs, the lighting is designed into one, sometimes it seems quite messy.

  Expert comment: The color of the messy lights, in addition to harming vision, also interfere with the function of the central nervous system of the brain.

People who live for a long time under excessive, uncoordinated light radiation may experience symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, insomnia and depression, and even elevated blood pressure, palpitations, and fever.

The degree of influence of “light pollution” on infants and young children, and the expansion of vision, also affects vision development.

  ”Light pollution” should not be underestimated. Is there any way to avoid its adverse health effects?


Lighting considers functional requirements and tonality.

  When decorating, choose different lighting methods according to different spaces, occasions and objects.

For example, the bedroom lighting is warm, the study and kitchen are bright and practical, and the bathroom is warm and soft.

Generally, in indoor lighting, the main light source is a cool color, and the auxiliary light source should be a warm color.

In addition, from the use of the room, the study room, living room, kitchen, etc. should use a cool color light source, and the bedroom, bathroom, balcony, etc. should use a warm light source.


Keep the light source steady and reject the light directly into the eye.

  The stable light source avoids the phenomenon of alternating light and dark or flickering, which can protect vision and improve work and study efficiency.

Lighting direction and strength should also be concerned, otherwise strong light will enter the eye, which will have adverse effects.

The “secondary lighting” method can be used to reflect the light to the ceiling and not to hurt the eyes, but also to add a romantic alternative.


Suitable luminaires reduce the “light pollution” effect.

  The light source commonly used in indoors will have different illumination brightness and “light pollution” effects.

Soft incandescent lamps, mirrored incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps have less impact on “light pollution” and can be used indoors.

For local illumination, a desk lamp with good shading is applied to block the transmitted infrared radiation contained in the new light source.


Choose the right tiles and coatings.

  When decorating a home, it is recommended to choose a tile with a small reflection coefficient.

Due to the strong reflection of white and metallic tiles, it is not suitable for large-area applications.

The study and children’s rooms consider using floor tiles instead of floor tiles.

  If bright polished tiles are installed, you should always turn on the small lights to minimize the “light pollution”.

  The application of coatings is also particular.

Because light-colored paints have less impact on vision, in European countries, especially Germany, people have gradually used beige, light yellow, etc. instead of glare white paint brush switches to attenuate high-brightness reflected light.


Plants improve the environment.
  Planting flowers and plants in the living room, the fresh colors of nature can be used to adjust the indoor light environment, and also make people feel comfortable.
  Related links: Other “pollution” phenomena in daily life When you are bathing, you can continue to use auxiliary equipment such as “Yuba”, which may cause dizziness, insomnia, causing inconsistency, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

This is because the dazzling light stimulates the brain’s central nervous system.

  The glass curtain wall of the city’s tall buildings becomes a huge mirror under the scorching sun.

If there is a high-speed traffic, the strong reflection of the building will interfere with the driver’s normal driving.

The five peak moments of the most weight loss

The five peak moments of the most weight loss

do you know?

During the day, almost everyone will have five time periods to eat especially. At this time, you may find it hard to resist the temptation of the gourmet food and indulge your appetite. Over time, obesity, overweight and other symptoms will come to you inadvertently.

But if you can effectively restrain or use other forms to satisfy your appetite that is about to break out at these five peaks, it will be a reward for those who want to control their weight or lose weight.effect.

  First, at the beginning of the morning, the human body has been in an empty stomach for nearly 8 to 10 hours in the morning.

In order to meet the morning work and study, you must add extra.

A cup of hot chocolate contains about 110 kcal, a glass of orange juice contains about 109 kcal and 15% of the body’s required folic acid a day, but it is a simple and good quality substitute, it is the source of human energy.

  Therefore, in order to better implement the weight loss plan and keep yourself full, you must add enough conversions, and a cup of chocolate or orange juice, plus a cup of yogurt or a fresh fruit can meet both needs at the same time.You, give it a try!

  Second, half an hour before lunch, half an hour before lunch, it is best to eat biscuits, bread or sugar-free yogurt and fruit, because they are more conducive to digestion, the most important thing is that they will not hinder your appetite at lunch.

In addition, because it is not so dry, you can also rationally choose lunch food to make yourself both healthy and healthy.

  Third, it is easy to feel obesity at this time after fitness.

However, no matter how much you want to eat, you must firmly control your mouth, otherwise the movement you just carry will fall short.

If you really feel hungry, you can choose a small portion of protein containing protein and a small amount of food, such as skim or low fat yogurt.

Among them, protein provides the amino acids needed by the body to repair muscles, and plasma just helps restore liver glycogen.

  Fourth, the work gap due to work pressure cracks, many people will especially want to eat when working.

In fact, this is an illusion that you can use a short walk or close your eyes to distract and delay work stress.

If you really want to eat, it is best to choose apple or baby carrot, because chewing low-transformed food just won’t gain weight, you can also relax your nervous facial nerves, so how can you not do it for a good thing?

  5. When you feel dry, this is the least capable of resisting the temptation of food, and it is also the easiest time to relax your vigilance and eat and drink.

Therefore, before deciding to eat, you should drink some water first, because a large part of your drought is caused by the body being dehydrated. Drinking water will relieve your fatigue.

If you still feel hungry, you can eat peanut butter or nuts, which are both nutritious and full of satiety, which can help you control the desire to overeating.

These five strokes of fitness do not cost money

These five strokes of fitness do not cost money

Now when it comes to fitness, it seems that you have to get a fitness club and you have to spend money.

In fact, you have to exercise, you don’t have to spend money, you can practice as you like, anytime, anywhere, and the effect is excellent.

What’s more, the health club is often located in the basement. People are not good at air, and they may be able to get some problems.

Below, I will give my friends who are interested in the whole secret of not spending a penny of crazy sports.

  First, the hyena runs a daughter to raise a puppy, the bullfighting card, special food, special strength, special fertilizer.

Every morning, when I woke up at 5 o’clock, I took it out and couldn’t get out of it. I ran it more than 1,000 meters.

Why do you say “拽”, because it is too lazy, I don’t want to run at all, I put my hands behind my back, and I walked with the dog chain and ran it.

It is sitting back hard, sometimes grinding the nails less and grinding the bleeding.

I later found out that if I had to run, I ran it, letting it barely touch the ground, so that I couldn’t sit back and wait, or I wouldn’t run or go slowly, so I wouldn’t bleed.

Running on it, like running with weights, your exercise is also good.

The dog’s body is also better.

  Second, crawling and wiping the winter indoors, I was awakened every morning, I used an old vest, washed in a plastic bucket full of vegetable water, and landed on the ground and crawled.

This method is especially effective in arm strength, which makes my body resemble the average person’s calf, and the muscles on the back are also very good.

Many ladies told me that I have some lateral grooves in my lower back and some vertical grooves in the back, which is especially beautiful.

The fat man is all flat, fat, and loves heart disease.

My living room is 60 square meters. I rub it at least once a day and climb back and forth several times.

  Third, the specific approach to take the big top is to face the wall against the wooden door, twist the ground and then slam on the wall, feet on the door frame, still.

I used to put a stopwatch on the ground in front of my eyes. I usually do it 2 minutes and 10 seconds at a time, once a day.

Some people say that this method can prevent and treat high blood pressure, I have no experience, but the blood pressure has been 80-120 in these years, the doctor said that this is a very good blood pressure compared to my 40-year-old man.

  Fourth, scouts This is a military training exercise I learned from the TV news in the PLA Scout training film.

The elbows and feet are on the ground, the whole body is straight, and the whole body is placed on the floor like a bench.

Others can reach out and touch your abdominal muscles, like a wooden coffin.

The groove on my hip spine may be like this. The muscles on both sides are too developed, and the appearance of the spine becomes a ditch.

When doing this kind of exercise, you can also use the stopwatch to count the time. The average person does one minute at a time. My record is 11 minutes.

When the time is long and you are flustered, you can put a newspaper on the floor in front of you, and “reconnaissance” while watching the newspaper.

This kind of exercise also makes the muscles of the joint between the hind arm and the shoulders particularly developed.

When I was playing basketball, the gangsters who were 20 years younger than me (they often called me an uncle) were particularly afraid of colliding with my body.

  Fifth, if there are people in the family, both men and women can leave them in the house, and they can walk in the house. They can do it while watching TV. My record is 13 minutes for people who have back more than 140 kilograms.

This is a hot and numbing leg with a long leg.

After each training, put a person down and relax.

This is a good practice, and can be used when sending patients to the emergency room of the hospital.

  The above five strokes can be carried out in the house, in the surrounding community, exercise intensity, a penny does not spend, the development of an iron muscle is the biggest feature of this pentathlon.

These two guarantees have not been in the hospital for 10 years and have not spent a penny to see a doctor.

Mental illnesses often encountered by white-collar workers: How do you care about your self-conditioning?

Mental illnesses often encountered by white-collar workers: How do you care about your self-conditioning?

Practicing Breathing Exercises Deep breathing can help calm your anxious mood.

Focusing on the breathing process can also ease your heart rate and forget your worries.

Lie on your back and put your hands on your abdomen.

Inhale slowly and let your abdomen swell through your nose like a balloon.

Then slowly exhale with your mouth and feel the abdomen tightening.

Continues 8-10 inhalation and exhalation cycles.

Practice at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Aromatherapy relieves the use of a fragrance bath and candles to ease the anxiety.

By making the most of your sense of smell, hearing, and vision, you can create an environment that is conducive to worry.

You already know that aromatic taste can promote easing and mood.

In the warm water of the bathtub, add the essential oils mentioned above, just a few drops.

Then dim the lights and place a blue or green candle, as these two colors have a relaxing and quiet effect on the body.

Put some relaxing music, then climb into your bathtub and sit back and enjoy.

After bathing, wrap your body in a blue or green towel and climb to your bed to sleep well.

Keep exercising and stick to 40 minutes of exercise every day.

Any form of exercise can help relieve mental and muscle tension, and can also trigger the release of sleep neurotransmitters and reduce anxiety.

Do at least 40 minutes of physical activity every day.

You can choose to walk, run, swim or dance and other aerobic activities, any of which can help increase your well-being.

Do not smoke cigarettes to raise blood pressure, and the nicotine contained is still a stimulant.

To avoid additional irritation, do not smoke if you are worried.