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Italian soprano Leila Frini dies, she is Pavarotti’s closest friend


[Frozen yogurt]_ frozen yogurt _ how to do _ practice

[Frozen yogurt]_ frozen yogurt _ how to do _ practice

Yogurt is divided into normal temperature yogurt and frozen yogurt. The nutritional value of frozen yogurt is also very high. The method is similar to ordinary yogurt. The most important thing is to make the yogurt and then freeze it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.

This way, it tastes a little ice cream. The key lies in the fermentation process. Choose a starter that suits your taste.

In addition, it must be done under sterile conditions to avoid fermentation failure.

Ingredients: 1000ml milk, 15g baking powder.

1. The first is to clean the yogurt machine, the inner liner, the outer shell, and all of them must be washed three times with hot water. If the cleaning is not in place, it will affect the fermentation effect.

2. After washing, pour milk into the bladder. The milk should be full fat. I failed to use skimmed milk before. Add half of the starter when I poured half of the milk, and put the starter in half. Stir well before mixing.Pour in the remaining milk, add the rest of the starter, mix well, and turn in one direction, otherwise there will be foaming. When pouring the milk, you can pour the wall down, so that the poured milk has no air bubbles, and cover the inner gallbladder., Pour boiling water into the shell, put the inner container, cover the outer box, be sure to tighten it tightly, wait about ten hours in winter, about eight hours in summer, open the shell after time will see jelly-like yogurt.If you find that it is not solidified, you can continue to solidify until it solidifies.

3. Do not eat solidified yogurt immediately. Freeze it in the refrigerator for three or four hours. The taste will be the same as the yogurt bought outside. You can season it according to your personal taste. If you like sweet, you can add some white sugar and like fruits.The flavor can be added to the corresponding juice.

Frozen yogurt production method 4, there are many flavors of starter, there are original flavor, strawberry flavor, yellow peach flavor, mango flavor and so on. I personally think that the best taste is strawberry flavor and yellow peach flavor.With milk, some starters can ferment 700 ml of milk. Insufficient starters can cause fermentation failure.

5. The second method is to buy yogurt powder. The method is similar. After washing the inner container, add 500 ml of water, pour half of the yogurt powder, stir evenly, add water, pour the remaining yogurt powder, stir well, coverGood liner filling, put boiling water in the shell, soak the liner for eight to ten hours, put it in the refrigerator and evaporate for three or four hours. If 6, after making the yogurt, turn the boiling water in the shell upside down.The transferred liner can also be washed at this time. At this time, it can be washed with cold water, and the bottom can be soaked for a while.

Note the specific reasons for the failure of the yogurt: the milk is not full-fat, the liner is not washed, the amount of starter, and the length of time.

The freshly made yogurt doesn’t taste very good. It will taste great in the refrigerator for three or four hours.

[Bitter Gourd Fried Meat]_Bitter Gourd_Pork_Production Method

This is the best way to do it, to save it, to save it, to save it, to save it, to save it, to save it, to store it, to save it, to store it, or to save it.嗭纴涓嶈掕倝寰堝ソ鍚冦€?涓€銆佽嫤鐡滅倰鑲変笣鏉愭枡鑻︾摐锛岄噷鑴婅倝锛岄粦璞嗛紦锛岀洂锛屾穩绮夛紝铓濇补锛岀硸锛屽懗绮撅紝棣欐补鍋氭硶1銆佽嫤鐡滃垏鍘氱墖锛岃繃寮€姘达紝鍐嶈繃鍐锋按锛屾播骞诧紝澶囩敤銆?銆侀噷鏈鸿倝鍒囦笣锛岀敤鐩愩€佹穩绮夋姄涓€涓嬶紝闈欑疆5鍒嗛挓銆?銆佹补閿呯倰棣欏ぇ钂溿€侀粦璞嗛紦锛屽姞鑲変笣锛岀倰骞叉按锛屽姞鑻︾摐銆佽殱娌广€佺硸銆佸懗绮俱€侀娌瑰嵆鍙嚭閿呫€?浜屻€佽嫤鐡滅倰鑲変笣鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氳嫤鐡?00 鍏 嬶 纴 鐦 ︾ 尓 間?0Anything?.銏 貏 貢 瑢 鸻 ︾ 撐 雒 囨 柇 柀 撤 愯 厯 厡 鍒 鍒 卖 鍒 廂 绂 2.Draw a lot of money and forge a lot of money to make a plan.Do you have any questions?.鍙栭攨鐑х儹锛屽叆娌归€傞噺锛岀瓑娌圭儹锛?.It ‘s a tricky thing. It ‘s a tricky thing. It ‘s a tricky thing.What are you doing?0 闒 嗛 挓 Ad?.鍔犲叆鐩愩€佸懗绮捐皟鍛筹紝鍗冲彲瑁呯洏銆傚皬璇€绐嶅仴搴锋彁绀猴細鐢ㄨ嫤鐡滅儳鑲夛紝鍔熻兘鍏昏婊嬭倽锛屾鼎鑴捐ˉ鑲撅紝瀹炰负鑲濈値鎮h€呯殑鐞嗘兂鑶抽銆?涓夈€佽嫤鐡滅倰鑲変笣鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氳嫤鐡滀竴涓紝鐚槮鑲?0 鬏 嚭 璟 揂 欙 鐙 鐩?甏 界 硸 楦 $ 瑳 ℃ Qi?Is it stable?What is it?What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? How about the clock falling into the village? The village is  鐢?锛岀尓鐦﹁倝鍒囦笣鐩涚洏鍐咃紝鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐩愶紝绯栵紝楦$簿锛岃儭妞掔矇锛屾按娣€绮夎皟鍖€鑵屽埗涓€灏忎細3锛岄攨鍊掑叆閫傞噺璋冨拰娌瑰姞鐑紝鏀惧叆鑵屽ソ鐨勮倝涓濈吀鐐掕嚦涓冨叓鍒嗙啛璧烽攨4锛岄攨鍐呯暀灏戣娌癸紝鏀惧叆鑻︾摐鐓哥倰锛屽姞浜洪€傞噺鐩愶紝绯栵紝楦$簿缈荤倰涓€涓?锛屾渶鍚庢妸鐐掑ソ鐨勮倝涓濆€掑叆閿呭唴涓€璧风炕鐐掍竴涓嬪氨鍙捣閿呰鐩樹簡灏忚瘈绐嶈嫤鐡滈姘村悗鍙互鍘婚櫎涓€浜涜嫤鍛筹紝鑰屼笖鐐掔殑鏃跺€欑啛鐨勪篃蹇紱鑲変笣鍕惧叆姘存穩绮夊悗锛岀倰鍑烘What is it?

[Can pregnant women eat steamed locust flowers]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat steamed locust flowers]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Children who are growing in the countryside will not be unfamiliar with the locust tree. There will be it behind the front door. In spring, the locust tree will be full of white locust flowers. A bunch of white locust flowers are like white.As beautiful as bells, they also exude a unique fragrance.

Huaihua is a bit nice and can still eat it. Although Huaihua can be eaten, it is also contraindicated. Can pregnant women eat it?

Can pregnant women eat Huaihua? Chinese medicine pointed out that Huaihua has a bitter taste, is flat, non-toxic, and has the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, stopping bleeding, and reducing blood pressure.

So, if high blood pressure during pregnancy can be achieved by eating locust flower to reduce blood pressure?

The older generation of the family believed that pregnant women should avoid eating blood, slippery and hot foods, and sophora flowers have the effect of activating blood and stopping bleeding, so pregnant women should avoid eating.

They worry that pregnant women eating sophora flowers will almost have an impact on the development of the fetus. Seriously, they may cause slipping, even heartbreaking, and cause great harm to the body of pregnant women.

But modern medicine has shown that pregnant women can eat locust flowers.

Huaihua clears heat and detoxifies, intestines and laxative, has a good effect on treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy and preventing constipation in pregnant women.

Expectant mothers with constipation can drink rapeseed honey, camellia nectar, coriander honey, and locust flower together to drink water. This recipe has a good effect on treating constipation and stopping bleeding and hemorrhoids.

However, although pregnant women can eat locust flowers, they should not eat too much at one time, because locust flowers are rich in sweetness and contain high sugars. Frequent consumption will cause pregnant women with diabetes.

In addition, because Huaihua is a cold food, eating too much can cause abdominal pain, and in severe cases can lead to the tragedy of miscarriage.

Sophora flower taboos In many places in China there is a habit of eating sophora flowers.

After picking fresh locust flowers, you can mix them, make soup, risotto, make dumplings, and put in delicious locust cakes. It is a widely used flower food.

Huaihua has the functions of clearing heat and lowering blood pressure, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It is a common medicine used by doctors to treat blood in the stool.

However, not everyone is suitable for locust.

Because Huaihua has the effect of degrading work, it is best to take caution if the spleen and stomach are cold and the yin is deficient.

People with sensitive skin are also advised not to consume locust food.

Sophora japonica can break down a photosensitive substance in the human body. The exposed skin of the face, hands, feet and other parts of the human body exposed to direct sunlight may cause metabolic disorders and induce “solar dermatitis.”

Huaihua tastes sweeter and contains higher sugars, so people with diabetes should not eat Huaihua food.

Flour steamed locust flower made from locust flower is difficult to digest, so people with poor digestive system, especially middle-aged and elderly people, should not eat too much at one time.

[Efficacy of jujube kernels and mung beans]_Mung beans_How to do

銆 愰 叀 友 友 d 粜 岜 鱢 Pu 嗑 锷 熸 晥 銆 慱 缯 眯眯 _Hou 箝 箞 锅?
The most important thing is that you are in the middle of the world, and you are in the same position. You are in the same position. You are here. You are here. You are here. You are here. You are here.绾ょ淮锛屽浜虹殑娑堝寲鑳藉璧峰埌淇冭繘浣滅敤銆傝€岀豢璞嗗氨鏄敓娲讳腑甯歌鐨勪簲璋锋潅绮紝浜轰滑缁忓父灏嗙豢璞嗗拰绫抽キ鐓湪涓€璧峰仛缁胯眴绋€楗€傞吀鏋d粊鏄竴鑸ぇ鏋e啀鍘绘帀鏋滆倝涔嬪悗鎵€鐣欎笅鏉ョ殑鏋滄牳锛屽畠鏄竴绉嶄笉閿欑殑涓嵂鏉愩€傚鏋滃皢閰告灒浠佸拰缁胯眴涓€璧烽鐢紝瀹冩墍鍙戞尌鐨勫姛鏁堟槸浠€涔堝憿?涓€銆侀吀鏋d粊鍜岀豢璞嗙殑鍔熸晥閰告灒浠佺豢璞嗘堡鏄叿鏈夐晣闈欍€佹敼鍠勭潯鐪犺川閲忕殑浣滅敤锛屽鏋滅揣寮犲彲浠ュ仛浜涙繁鍛煎惛鑷繁璋冭妭绛夈€傚彟澶栵紝缁忔湡閫傞噺鍚冧笉浼氬鏈堢粡閫犳垚褰卞搷鐨勩€備簩銆佸悆閰告灒浠佺殑濂藉閰告灒浠佹槸涓嵂鐨勪竴绉嶏紝鎬у懗鐢樺钩锛屾湁璁稿鐨勫姛鏁堝拰浣滅敤锛屼富瑕佹湁鍏昏倽銆佸畞蹇冦€佸畨绁炪€佹暃姹楃殑鍔熺敤锛屼富娌昏櫄鐑︿笉鐪犮€佺儲娓磋櫄姹楃瓑闂銆備笁銆佸け鐪犳€庝箞鍔?I do n’t know what to do, do n’t donate it, donate it, do n’t worry, do n’t mention it, and do n’t talk about it. Do you want to talk about it?鍏堟兂鐫€锛屽け鐪犱笉鏄竴绉嶄弗閲嶇柧鐥咃紝涓€澶╂垨鍑犲ぉ灏戠潯鍑犱釜灏忔椂娌″暐鍏崇郴銆傚彲浠ラ厤鍚堥鐤椼€佷腑鑽€佽タ鑽€侀拡鐏搞€佺悊鐤楃瓑绛夈€?銆佸浜庣户鍙戞€уけ鐪狅紝鏄渶瑕佸鎵剧梾鍥犵殑;涓€鑸潵璇达紝瀵瑰け鐪犵殑鐥呭洜瑙e喅鍚庡垯澶辩湢灏变細涓嶆不鑰屾剤銆傚湪杩欐湡闂达紝鐥呬汉闇€瑕佷竴涓ǔ瀹氬畨鍏ㄧ殑鐜锛岃繕瑕佹敞鎰忓姞寮虹梾浜鸿嚜韬殑钀ュ吇鍜屼綋璐ㄣ€?You can’t read it, you can read it, you can read it, you can read it, you can do it, you can do it.鐪犳椂闂村悇浜轰笉鍚岋紝鐫$湢鏃堕棿鐭簺瀵逛汉浣撳苟鏃犲澶у奖鍝嶃€?涓€鑸け鐪犵棁缁忚繃鐥呭洜銆佸績鐞嗐€佽函浣撴澗寮涙不鐤楀嵆鍙不鎰堛€傚洓銆佸畨绁炴€庝箞鍔烇紝鍚冧粈涔堝ソ瀹夌鏈€鏈夋晥鐨勬柟娉曟湁锛氱潯鍓嶅嚑灏忔椂閫傞噺杩愬姩銆佹憜鏀炬湁鍔╃潯鐪犵殑鑺辫崏銆侀钖般€佸紑绐楅€氭皵銆佸枬鏉姞铚滅墰濂躲€佹敞鎰忓崸瀹ょ伅鍏夈€佹姳涓姳鏋曘€侀€夋嫨鏈€鏀炬澗鐨勭潯濮裤€侀檺鍒剁櫧澶╃潯鐪犳椂闂?瀹夌鐨勯鐗╂湁锛氱墰濂躲€佸皬绫炽€佽幉瀛愩€侀钑夈€佹牳妗冦€佽渹铚溿€佺櫨鍚堛€佸ぇ鏋c€侀吀鏋d粊銆佽嫻鏋溿€佺尓蹇冦€佺伒鑺濄€佸皬楹︺€侀浮铔嬨€侀粦鑺濋夯銆佺孩鏋c€佹煆瀛愪粊銆佽姖楹汇€佹鍦嗐€佺渤绫崇瓑銆?

[How to eat corn flakes?】 _How to cook_How to cook

銆 愮 帮 綫 Chongyang pick picks 宝 箞 镡 Broadcasting 咻 囻 銆 銆 慍 傍 頦 頦 頦 頠 鉱 鉱 鉱 頱 鉱 鉱 鉱 鉱 剱 頱 鉱 剱 鉱 剱 剱 剱 鉱 鉱 鉱 剱 頱 剦 牍 甍 順 唦 甍 甦 頠 剱 剱 鉱 鉱 剱 頱 頱?
鐜 板 湪 鐢 ㄧ 帀 璫 黴 懮 懮 懋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 椋 經 炲 燲 姣姣 姣 団 囦 儦 ㄨ 秴 Ning 傞 嗷 闱 ム 僸 僸 僸 僸 僸 ヤ ヤThe fan is divided into different sections, and the fan is sorrowful. The fan is awkward. The father and the father are walking around. The father and the father are going to get used to it.Go for a walk, go for it, go for it, go for it, go for it, go back, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, goIt ‘s so effective, it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a beautiful thing. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.播钖冿紵鍠滄娓呮贰鍙e懗鐨勪汉锛屽仛涓€閬撶帀绫崇墖绮ユ槸涓€涓笉閿欑殑閫夋嫨銆傚噯澶囩帀绫抽2 鍕 筂 夜 夌 鐗?It ‘s a lot of troubles, and it ‘s a lot of troubles. It ‘s a lot of troubles. It ‘s a lot of time. It ‘s a great thing. It ‘s a celebrity. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a good thing.I ca n’t tell you how to do it. I ‘m going to take a look at it. It ‘s so effective. It ‘s so effective.氭硶1銆佸噯澶囧ソ椋熸潗2銆佹妸灏忕背鐢ㄦ按鍏堟场涓€涓?銆佹妸澶х背娲楀噣鍊掑叆閿呬腑鐒跺悗鍊掑叆灏忕背4銆佸姞鍏ョ帀绫崇墖5銆佸姞鍏ラ€傞噺姘?Mohuoxiaozha Pinmanwenqi Ning Roubansouqi Getting Yang Juansuiyanrou Qianzhayangyi Jiyueshenyao 7 Mohuoxiaodui  Toso Feidongboe Chai Aijianjienue Yueshenyaoqie return Bio Copernicium€宸э細鏃犲皬绫崇帀绫崇墖绮ヤ竴鐩村氨鍚灏忕背绮ュ緢鏄吇鑳冿紝钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛屾墍浠ュ涔熶細缁忓父鐓茶繖娆剧播鏉ュ枬锛屾竻娣★紝绮ュ甫鐐圭绋犵殑鎰熻锛屽枬涓嬪幓寰堟槸鑸掓湇锛屽叧閿槸鍋氭硶涔熺畝鍗曟槗瀛︼紝鍙鎺屾彙濂芥斁姘寸殑閲忥紝涓€鑸兘浼氭垚鍔熷搱涓绘枡灏忕背100G锛涚帀绫崇墖100G锛淜 緟 椂 椤 ぇ 绫?0G: 璘 璬 绫 軫 師 綫 崇 墖 綧 殑 锅 氭 硶 姝 ラ 1.What are you talking about?.嫶 嚂 緬 綫 綫 Chong 敤 姘 村 厛 娉 ‘竴 Juan Huan Qiu 3.鎶婂ぇ绫虫礂鍑€鍊掑叆閿呬腑鐒跺悗鍊掑叆灏忕背4.Rather than back?.唷 珲 将 嘃 傺 噺 姺?.What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference?。What’s the difference between the world and the world?.9 pounds forged and lost to the world Lulu Village + 1.I ‘m going to pick up a lot of people, I ‘ll pick you up, I ‘ll pick you up, I ‘ll take a look at it, I ‘ll take a look at it. 2There is a lot of repetitions, such as ‘reinforcement’, inconvenience, inconvenience, and inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience, inconsistency, inconsistency, inconsistency, inconsistency搂 夜 夌 咗 囩 囩 播 镞 ╅ — Long 夜 咩 囩 囩 咋 璸 溄 沏 粏 2 鍕 珏 縫 滫 廫 Crushed?鎶婄帀绫崇墖锛涢€傞噺椋熺敤纰遍潰锛涘彛鍛虫竻娣★紱宸ヨ壓鐓紱鑰楁椂鍗佸垎閽燂紱闅惧害绠€鍗曪紱鐜What are you talking about?銆 为 縫綫 滢 鐢 ㄦ 璋 冨 紑 銆?銆侀攨閲屾按鐑у紑锛屽€掑叆鐜夌背闈㈡按鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆?銆 丸 姞 鍏 ョ 帀 廫 Chong Yan 厮 呮 囮 囧 囧 劆 銆?銆佺敤绛峰瓙娌句竴涓嬫按锛屾簿涓€鐐归鐢ㄧ⒈闈㈡悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆?銆佺敤鍕哄瓙鎼呭姩閬垮厤绮橀攨锛岀叜鐔熷嵆鍙€?

Xinjie Electric (603416): 19Q3 gross profit margins have been improved compared to the previous quarter

Xinjie Electric (603416): 19Q3 gross profit margins have been improved compared to the previous quarter

The company released the 2019 third quarter report.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved revenue4.

64 ppm, a ten-year increase6.

58%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

1.6 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.

27%, with a combined gross profit margin of 39.

55%, a decrease of 0 every year.

54 points, operating cash flow is 0.

8.3 billion.

In Q3 2019, the company’s revenue was 1.

59 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

34%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

44 ‰, an increase of 16% in ten years, and a comprehensive gross profit margin of 41.

34%, up 1 every year.

87 points, up 1 from the previous month.

45 points.

During the period, the rate of expenses increased for ten years.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s period expense ratio totaled 17.

75%, with an annual increase of 1.

76pct; by item, the selling expense ratio is 6.

22%, 0 per year.

92 points; management and R & D expense ratio 11.

77%, increase by 1 every year.

28pct; financial expense ratio -0.

24%, a decline of 0 every year.

44 points.

Balance sheet items: As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s bills receivables and accounts receivables1.

180,000 yuan, down 7 from the end of the second quarter.

92%; bills payable and accounts payable1.

1.1 billion, down 16 from the previous month.

17%; inventory 2.

02 ‰, a decrease of 1 from the previous month.


The PLC product line continues to expand and the drive system performance is steadily improved.

According to the company’s semi-annual report, in the first half of 2019, the company further enhanced the technical advantages of PLC products, and continued to enrich its product series, developing multiple sports-type and bus-type PLC products.

As a local small PLC leader, we have invested more than 6% of the company’s small PLC market share in 2018. We believe that the company has overlapping brands in response and feedback to downstream user needs. Through continuous improvement of the company’s product line, we believe that domestic substitution is expected to continueSteady progress, and the company’s merger is expected to continue steadily.

In terms of drive systems, the company optimizes the drive hardware, greatly 南京夜网论坛 improving the processor’s data processing capability, and providing a reliable platform support for achieving higher and inverter processing.

The downstream expansion of the company’s drive system business continues to blossom, and has been successfully applied in the 3C industry, electronics manufacturing, sewing, textile printing and dyeing, printing and packaging, food and beverage, plastics, building materials, machine tool processing and other industries. Complete industrial control product line, polishing solution capabilities.

The company’s industrial control product line is complete. In the control, drive and execution hierarchy layout, it has launched solutions in packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, glass machinery, woodworking machinery, textile machinery and other industries, and integrated products to replace the company’s own brand.

We believe that the initial improvement of the performance of each product line of the transformation company and the ability of the solution will help the company quickly open the market and provide assistance.

Profit forecast and estimation.

We expect the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company to be 1 in 2019-2021.

6.6 billion, 1.

9.8 billion, 2.

400,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 1.

18 yuan, 1.

41 yuan, 1.

71 yuan.

Given 25-30X PE in 2019, the corresponding reasonable value range is 29.


40 yuan, maintaining the “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

The economic downturn affects industrial control demand, and market competition affects product prices and profitability.

Strong government grants get some respite-ST company will take off cap

Strong government grants get respite for inclusion * ST company will take off cap

* ST two companies will “Uncap” Author: Zhu Wenbin by obtaining large government subsidies and other means, the two companies * ST companies in reverse after two consecutive years of respite, to achieve profitability, continue to perform, “Phoenix”s story.

  * ST Molong announced today that according to the standard unqualified audit report issued by the accounting firm, the company achieved main business income in 201729.

6.5 billion yuan, net profit 3803.

850,000 yuan, the owner’s equity attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 18.

7 billion yuan.

On March 29, the company submitted an application to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for resuming the company’s stock delisting risk warning. At present, it has obtained the approval of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to relevant regulations, the company’s shares were suspended for 1 day from the opening of the market on April 13.Trading resumed on the 1都市夜网6th and the delisting risk warning was cancelled.

  The data shows that * ST Molong’s audited net profit for 2015 and 2016 for two consecutive fiscal years was negative.

  * ST Molong has carbonized a number of specific measures in 2017 to eliminate the risk of delisting, adjust the product structure and increase product sales according to changes in market demand, take various measures to reduce production costs, increase market development efforts, and increaseInternal management reduces manufacturing costs and expenses.

The most important “specific measure” was a large government subsidy.

According to the announcement, * ST Molong received 15,627 government subsidies for the current profit and loss in 2017.

590,000, far exceeding the company’s net profit level last year.

  It is no coincidence.

It is also because in 2015 and 2016 that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was negative and the delisting risk early warning * ST East number that was implemented on April 27, 2017 was also announced today.The audited net profit was 3713.

730,000, turning losses into profits.

* After ST Dongshuo submitted the application for refund and delisting risk warning to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 29, it was also approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company’s stock trading resumed on April 16 and the delisting risk warning was resumed.

  During the delisting risk warning period, ST Dongshuo adopted a number of specific measures to respond, gradually and actively planned and promoted major events, encouraged the collection of receivable invoices, and destocking, but the most important alternative was to obtain large government subsidies.
According to the * ST East Number Announcement, in 2017, the company received government subsidies1.

35 billion, the budget is far more than the 3713 achieved last year.

730,000 yuan net profit level.

In addition, the company also realized a profit of 9709 through equity transfer and disposal of idle assets.

680,000 yuan, 5139 gains through debt forgiveness.

460,000 yuan.

Jiajiayue (603708) in-depth report: Jiaodong fresh giant accelerates expansion across regions

Jiajiayue (603708) in-depth report: Jiaodong fresh giant accelerates expansion across regions

Report Summary: Jiajiayue is the leader of Jiaodong Fresh Supermarket, and was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2016.

As of March 2019, the company has 752 direct-operating chain stores with a network covering more than 40 cities and counties in Shandong Province and Zhangjiakou area, forming a hypermarket, a comprehensive supermarket, a department store, a convenience store, and a specialty store.shape.

The overall economic benefits of Shandong Province are good, and the consumer market is huge, providing a broad space for development for the retail market.

The province has a favorable geographical location, with high-quality agricultural and aquatic product resources, which facilitates the expansion of fresh food business and the development of direct mining at the base.

Local retail companies in Shandong Province have obvious advantages, and the regional distribution is mostly divided. Each city has a higher city share, but the overall perspective is relatively scattered and the industry concentration is low.

Continuously strengthen the “characteristics of fresh food” business philosophy to consolidate the advantages of the supply chain.

The company’s fresh procurement is mainly based on direct mining. At the same time, it invests in the construction of its own factories, fresh processing centers, and central catering centers to optimize the supply chain of agricultural products, enhance the post-processing capacity of agricultural products, vigorously develop its own brands, improve the standardization and branding of agricultural products.To strengthen the fresh competitive advantage.

Continue to deepen the “Jiaodong depth, Shandong breadth” strategy.

The company insists on taking Shandong as its core market. After 上海夜网论坛 strengthening and consolidating the company’s leading advantage in the Jiaodong region, the company has steadily and rapidly expanded to the Midwest through the method of “exhibition shop + merger and acquisition”.

Store renovation + partnership system helps the company improve efficiency.

Since the listing, the company has continuously used the raised funds to upgrade and upgrade existing stores, which has greatly improved operating efficiency. At the same time, it has continued to introduce pilot partnership mechanisms in the Luxi area, which has achieved good results.

Investment suggestion: The company’s 2019-2021 revenue is expected to be 150.



8.8 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mothers was 5.



50,000 yuan, EPS is 0.



16 yuan, corresponding to 28/24/20 times the current sustainable PE.

Taking into account the company’s leading advantages in the Jiaodong area, at the same time speed up the expansion of other areas in Shandong.

And the company has high barriers to the supply chain of fresh produce, and its performance growth is highly certain.

Give the company an estimate of 32 times in 2019 and maintain an “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: CPI continues to decline, leading to a decline in same-store growth; opening of stores is less than expected, and industry consolidation is less than expected; industry competition is intensifying.

Ping An of China (601318) Third Quarterly Report Review: 19 years of NBV growth pressure release helped boost NBV growth in 20 years

Ping An of China (601318) Third Quarterly Report Review: 19 years of NBV growth pressure release helped boost NBV growth in 20 years

The company disclosed the third quarter report for 2019, and realized net profit attributable to mothers of US $ 129.6 billion, a big increase of + 63%, exceeding market expectations. Operating profit attributable to mothers was 104.1 billion, which became +21.


The new business in the third quarter was valued at 5.88 million yuan, an annual increase of 4.

5%, in line with market expectations.

Net profit grew more than expected in the third quarter alone.

(1) In the first three quarters, the operating profit of the parent company was 1041 billion yuan, +21 per year.

5%, in line with market expectations, the operating profit in the third quarter alone was 30.6 billion, about + 16%, remained relatively stable, while life insurance remained relatively stable, while the growth rate of property insurance business further expanded, and the operating profit growth rate remained relatively stable, indicating that the companyBusinesses that have grown steadily in the past provide solid performance growth for the future.

(2) The net profit attributable to mothers increased by 63%, exceeding expectations. The net profit attributable to mothers was 31.9 billion in the third and third quarters, + 50% per year, which was mainly due to the short-term investment changes from negative to positive and positive changes in discount rates.To.

In the third and third quarters, the life insurance sector reported by the middle due to the investment yield.

5% further increased to 6%, resulting in a short-term investment change of only 1 billion. It is expected that the increase in investment yield is mainly due to universal insurance and dividend insurance accounts, which will have a relatively small impact on the company.The change was -5.3 billion, and the positive and extreme extremes significantly increased the growth of net profit; in the other three quarters, the change in the discount rate increased the profit by 1.2 billion, compared with only 2 in the same period last year.

400 million, a ten-year increase of nearly four times, mainly due to the 10-year 750-day curve moving up 3 BP caused the company’s reserve release.

The continuous improvement of the value rate promoted the growth of NBV in line with expectations.

(1) In the first three quarters, the NBV was 58.8 billion, which was +4 in ten years.

5%, basically the same as the reported growth rate (4.

7%), slightly lower than expected, unexpected, reasonable.

In 2019, the company adjusted its product strategy and proactively controlled short-storage products resulting in a new single premium of -7% to 1222.

700 million, but the change in product structure promotes the company’s profit margin to increase year by year, converting NBV Margin to 48.

1%, an increase of 5 per year.

3 units; (2) single third quarter NBV 177.

500 million, previously +4.

1%, slightly lower than expected, but the growth rate is compared to 3 in Q2.

2% slightly expanded.

The continuous transformation of the company’s agent channel led to a further increase in scale from the previous month. Therefore, Q3’s new single premiums were 30.4 billion, a continuous decline of 2%, but the single quarter decline was narrowed quarter by quarter (Q1 = -11%, Q2 = -4%).

In the third quarter, the NBV margin reached 58.

5%, an increase of 3 per year.

43pct, the product structure is further optimized and the value rate of “big and small stars” is improved.

The continuous improvement of the NBV margin once again proves the competition between the company’s products and sales team, and is also a talisman for the company’s NBV growth during the all-round adjustment period.

The adjustment of the company’s performance is that the growth rate of NBV will be reduced to about 5%, mainly due to the company’s comprehensive adjustment strategy in 2019.

According to the size of the NBV in the first three quarters, we calculated that Q4 growth rate needs 6.

Only 7% can achieve the company’s target of 5% NBV growth target. We expect the value rate of Q4 will continue the growth trend of the first three quarters, and the product side may continue to make efforts to promote the company to achieve the goal.

The company’s property insurance was attributed to the parent’s operating profit of 142.

500 million, previously +75.

5%, mainly due to the gradual increase in investment income and the reduction in tax rates caused by adjustments in income tax policies.

Property insurance premium income was 196.9 billion yuan, +8 for the year.

7%, relatively stable, of which motor insurance premiums were 138.7 billion, exceeding +6.

3%, non-car insurance and accident and health insurance premium income of 48.6 billion, 9.6 billion, the growth rate was 11%, 38%.

The comprehensive cost rate is 96.

2%, a slight increase of 0 every year.2 averages, compared to the median of 96.

6% dropped 0.

4 units.

Looking forward to the follow-up, the property and casualty insurance business is mixed in the short-term. It is difficult to improve the restructuring premium growth rate and comprehensive cost rate in the short-term. Instead, the adjustment of the income policy will lead to a decline in the company’s yield, which will improve the company’s property and insurance performance.

Investment suggestion: Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” rating, and the company’s third quarter report for 2019 will grow faster than expected.

The life insurance liability side continued to transform, with the effect gradually becoming apparent, and the value realized stable growth.

Although the company lowered its NBV target guidelines at the performance meeting, we do not believe that it will affect the market’s fundamental views on the company, and at the same time, it will have negligible impact on the growth of internal EVs. The revised guidelines try to improve the company’s overall assessment of the annual assessment.Under pressure, light-loaded and ready for 2020, the benefits of comprehensive adjustment are also expected to improve the core indicators of 2020.

(1) The absolute amount of NBV in the current period has esteemed the crowds, and the continued growth under this high base reflects the company’s ultra-deep competition moat; (2) Current period (the highest growth in the industry), the expected stable release of existing business and new businessThe high and stable contribution of EV guarantees the continuous and stable growth of EV in the future; (3) The first agent conversion is carried out, effectively consolidating the agent team. “Technology +” (4) The Group has continued to make up for the technology sector, and the past huge expenditures have expanded.Effectively empowered the main financial industry, and gradually realized performance in terms of income generation. The “finance + technology” strategy is far ahead of its peers.

At the current point in time, we will switch to the 2020 level. It is expected that the EV growth rate will be 21% / 20% in 2019/2020, which may currently be 89.

8 yuan corresponds to the company’s estimated 2020 P / EV of 1.

12 times, target assessment 1.

4X, corresponding to the target price of 112 yuan, 25% space.

Risk Warning: The growth of premium is lower than expected, the agent team is expanding, the trend of interest rates is downward, and the stock market is falling sharply