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What the running family should know: Why does the throat hurt after running?

What the running family should know: Why does the throat hurt after running?


Open mouth breathing During running, because the nose can not meet the body’s needs, it will start to open your mouth to breathe. At this time, the air sucked by the mouth will enter the throat. Due to the circulation of gas, the oral water loss will be too fast.

The saliva secreted by the throat can not keep up with the speed of consumption, and it is easy to cause the throat to dry and itching.

Some people are used to breathing with their mouths when they are running. Especially for some long-distance runners, they need to breathe when they need oxygen. This will cause the oral water to lose too much, and the saliva produced by the throat will not keep up with the speed of consumption.The phenomenon of dry throat.


Inhalation of foreign matter During running, the throat may be stimulated by inhalation of dust, particles, and other foreign matter in the air, causing itching and painful symptoms.

If the smog is still running, the scorpion is easily irritated by foreign matter such as dust, which is prone to ulcerative itching and pain.


Long-term non-sports long-term non-exercise exercise, after an occasional acute episode, the body organs can not adapt to the state of exercise for a while, there will be breathing is not smooth, may cause the throat to be stimulated, resulting in painful feeling of uncomfortable.


Cold and cold in the running process, the intensity of exercise will be a lot of sweat, if you do not change the sweaty clothes after running, it is easy to catch a cold when blown by the cool breeze, and the symptoms of cold also include sore throat.


People with pharyngitis, pharyngitis, tonsil enlargement, etc., usually have discomfort in the throat. After running, the pain and discomfort in the throat may be aggravated by poor breathing or foreign body irritation.

Many people have a throat after running, and the squeaky sound is too much associated with a viral cold or chronic laryngitis, especially in the cold winter.


Water shortage in the body During running, a large amount of sweating will cause a lot of water and salt to be lost in the body, resulting in a lack of water in the body, causing the throat to dry due to lack of water, and itching and even pain after running.


Cold air stimulation runs in the cold weather outdoors, and it will enter the mouth due to inhalation of a large amount of cold air. There is no warming effect, direct stimulation to the trachea, and the throat is ruptured, resulting in dryness, inflammation, and secretion of these parts.The throat is uncomfortable with pain, itching, and coughing.


Excessive intensity is too large, the running strength is too large, the body is overloaded, the blood circulation in the body is accelerated, the throat is breathing tightly, the absorbed particles adhere to the respiratory tract wall, and the blood circulation is interlaced with it. Under the compression of the blood, the particles accumulate the smell of blood., resulting in a bloody smell in the throat.

In this case, after running, rest can be recovered.

Eliminate the big belly, ten kinds of food, get it

Eliminate the big belly, ten kinds of food, get it

Are you worried about the protruding belly every day?

Don’t worry now, Xiaobian has selected 10 of the most skinny foods for you and eat a small amount of lower abdomen.


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This delicious nut of almond is rich in protein, fiber, and a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E.

The mineral magnesium contained in it is a necessity for the body to produce energy, build muscle tissue and maintain blood sugar.

Stable blood sugar can effectively prevent overeating and excessive obesity.

  However, the most amazing function of almonds is that it prevents the body from absorbing the transformation.

Studies have found that the composition of the almond cell wall can reduce the body’s absorption of adults.

Therefore, before the stomach digests the almonds, it has already become “skinny”.

  Optimum consumption: one ounce per day (approximately 23 capsules), approximately 160 calories.


Eggs can’t find foods that are richer in protein than eggs.

Eggs are highly regarded by nutritionists because they contain a variety of important amino acids that the body is using to “produce” almost everything from muscle fibers to brain chemicals.

The study found that people who eat eggs for breakfast, they feel aging throughout the day.

The protein and adults in eggs can make people feel illusory.

  The best amount to eat: If your cholesterol is not high, eat an egg every day.

(An egg contains 213 mg of cholesterol) 3.

Soybean soy acetate anti-physical compounds, fiber and protein.

Soy is eaten in a variety of ways and can be used as a snack or as a dish, soup.

There are also many types of soy products, such as tofu and soy milk, which are healthy and delicious.

A study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that obese people who use soy milk instead of milk as a positive food can lose weight more successfully.

  Optimum consumption: 25 grams of soy protein per day.

(A half cup of cooked edamame contains 130 calories and 11 grams of protein.

4 bean tofu contains 94 calories and 10 grams of protein) 4 .

Apple has long studied the effects of apple weight loss.

The women who participated in the study were divided into three apples or pears per day, and the other group used oatmeal instead of fruit.

  After three months, the first group of women lost more weight.

An apple contains 5 grams of fiber, and 85% is water, so it is easy to eat.

Apple also contains quercetin, an anti-cancer ingredient that also lowers cholesterol damage and promotes lung health.

  Best consumption: 1 to 2 apples per day.


Plasma intake is full of cellulose and is a good friend for every dieter.

The more you eat more cellulose (25 to 35 grams per day), the less conversion you will get from other foods.

Because the fibers have already “sent” them before the stomach completely digests the food.

  The body’s (and other fruits) levels are also high in antioxidants, preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, and allowing your body to instead transform the results of exercise into effective weight loss – by improving blood flow and musclesThe action is more efficient.

.hzh {display: none; }  最佳食用量:每天至少三杯,或者含30卡路里左右的量。In fact, you can easily eat a lot of paddles: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

A green leaf vegetable spinach contains only 40 calories, and a cup of 55-calorie broccoli has already met 20% of your daily fiber demand. The weight loss of vegetables is unquestionable.

And green leafy vegetables can also be calcium, which helps muscle coordination and provides energy for exercise.

  The best amount of food: vegetables should be included in three meals a day. Soups, sandwiches and even pasta can be added with boiled vegetables as a companion dish.


Yogurt According to a recent study published in an obesity journal, those who primarily absorb calcium from yogurt have more oriented lower abdomen.

Most of the yoghurt contains some fungi that promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, and make your lower abdomen look more visible.

  Optimum consumption: 1 to 3 cups of low fat or skim yogurt per day.

Choose unsweetened yogurt and add some cut fruit to add flavor.


Vegetable soup replaces snacks with vegetable soup containing a small amount of transition, and can lose an average of 16 pounds per year!

Moreover, for people who don’t like to eat vegetables, this is also an easy way to eat more vegetables.

  The best amount of food: at least one cup of low calorie per day, low sodium content vegetable soup.


Squid seafood, especially the fat fish such as squid, tuna and obese fish are obese omega-3 fatty acids.

This fatty acid accelerates metabolism and speeds up the body’s aunt.

  An Australian study found that eating fish every day can increase the glucose-insulin response system of the excess, which means that the operation of the digestive system slows down and people’s desire for food decreases.

  If the above findings don’t allow you to eat more fish, the following facts may make you change your mind: the various proteins in seafood are good for keeping your abdomen healthy and slim.

  The best consumption: two meals a week, squid, about 4 digits per meal.

Wild squid is more expensive than bred, but contains more omega-3 fatty acids.

If you really don’t touch seafood, try linseed and walnuts that also repeat Omega-3 fatty acids.


Hasn’t you heard of Shibuya?

This is a whole grain cereal containing 5 grams of cellulose and 11 grams of protein per half cup.

It’s fine to cook Shibuya like other mineral grains.

Its taste is like nuts, and it is crispy when chewed.

  Best consumption: at least one and a half cups a day (available at health food stores).

Do you want a teenager to have a big belly?

Then eat more than ten kinds of food!

Spring care and liver protection pay attention to four points

Spring care and liver protection pay attention to four points

As the saying goes, the day is in the morning, the year is in spring, then the same is true for health.

Because spring is both the season of all things and the season of many diseases, how to carry out spring health?

It is said that spring liver can regulate the liver fire in winter and avoid the yin deficiency in summer.

So what are the benefits of raising your heart in spring?

  Today, we will come together to understand how to raise the heart of the liver in the spring, and how the benefits of raising the heart and liver can prevent diseases.

  The method of raising the heart is to protect the heart and to experience the cold in winter. In the spring, we must pay attention to the “destroyed disease.”

The climate changes in spring, and changes in climate and temperature can stimulate blood vessels, which can lead to complications in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This is the reason why facial paralysis and stroke occur in spring.


Although the Chinese medicine practitioners have always advocated calming the mind, maintaining a psychological balance, and being pure-minded, this is only for psychological activities.

Less exercise, no exercise, which will lead to poor cardiopulmonary function, insufficient blood supply to the chest, less blood circulation, early initiation of arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, in the spring, we must also exercise more.

  Spring’s heart-raising movements are different for different people.

Young people can do some aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling, and enhancing heart and lung function.

Middle-aged and elderly people can take gentle health exercises, such as Tai Chi, walking, spring tour, etc., which can increase heart and lung function, promote blood circulation and reduce cardiovascular disease.


Coarse grains and nourish the heart of modern people, cardiovascular disease is more related to diet, diet is too fat and thick, high salt, but will lead to the occurrence of three high, induced disease.

Spring is the season for seasonal vegetable foods, and people’s diets may be deficient in vitamins and precipitated fibers.

Coarse grains do not undergo a variety of processing procedures, and fiber and vitamin supplementation is more adequate.

Dietary fiber helps control blood sugar, blood fat, and also absorbs oil from food.

In addition, the skin of the coarse grains contains a large amount of vitamin B group elements, which can promote the metabolism of trace amounts and carbohydrates, while protecting the skin and hair.

  The method of nourishing the liver in spring is in the spring of the five elements, and the liver is also wood. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the spring passes through the liver and raises the liver when the liver is vigorous in the spring. At the same time, spring is also the season of frequent liver disease.


In the case of Chinese medicine, the main function of the liver is omission, and its main function is reflected in the emotional situation. The liver is stagnation and stagnation, and people will become depressed and unhappy.

  The temperature in the spring is slowly rising, and everything grows. It is a good time for a spring tour.

Spring tour can regulate emotions, soothe the liver and qi.

At the same time, you can exercise in moderation, promote blood circulation and improve immunity.

And the harm caused by different activities is different. For example, flying a kite can protect the eyes and cervical vertebrae, and you can lose weight on foot.

Spring tour can not only raise your heart, but also relax your mood and regulate your liver.


Eating sprouts and nourishing the liver, Chinese medicine says green into the liver, while in the spring, there are fewer seasonal vegetables. If you want to raise the liver, you can choose sprouts.

  Sprout refers to the sprouts that we often eat in our lives, and also the food such as bean sprouts.

The trace elements of sprouts are very rich, especially the high content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

  Sprout can effectively dissolve spring dryness, so it is very suitable for spring season.

Sprout can help people’s five internal organs turn from winter to spring, and there is heat and detoxification.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the sprouts are cold and sweet, and have the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the liver. It is very suitable for spring consumption to clear the liver.

  The liver is the largest detoxification organ in our body. A healthy liver can prevent us from suffering from belching, bloating, constipation, etc., and the liver also plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

  Sprout is rich in a variety of enzymes, which can help the protein to decompose and absorb. It is the favorite food of the liver.

  In addition to spleen and liver, sprouts can also be effective in the early spring keratitis.  Sprout is very easy to digest after consumption, can clear away heat and detoxification, diuretic dehumidification, and has a very good alleviation effect on dry mouth and thirst during the spring dry period, red heat in urine.

  Moreover, sprouts are very suitable for people who lose weight in spring. Pea buds are rich in vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. Eating pea sprouts is a good fit for spring liver.

  Nowadays, the sprouts sold in the market will add some unhealthy additives, especially the rootless bean sprouts, which are not allowed to be sold by the state.

For health, we can make sprouts at home. The Rongwei bean sprouts machine can satisfy our idea. Its double-layer design and large crops can be used as your private vegetable garden, which is nutritious and healthy.

  Although the temperature in spring is changeable, and overall the overall temperature is slowly warming, as the temperature rises, bacteria and viruses are prone to ravage, and the body is also prone to disease.

Cardiovascular disease and liver disease are easy to occur in the spring, so health begins in the spring.

Above, we simply introduced the method of springing the heart and the liver, exercise, coarse grains, spring tour, sprouts, etc., all in the spring.

Drinking Mo Mo Cup hangover has a recipe

Drinking Mo Mo Cup hangover has a recipe

When tofu is used, it is better to use tofu to make the next dish.

Because the cysteine in tofu is a major amino acid, it can dissolve the aldehyde poison, and it can be quickly discharged after eating.

  Vinegar vinegar 20 ml, slowly served.

You can also eat radish (1 bowl) mixed with vinegar and sugar, or cabbage heart mixed with vinegar and sugar (1 bowl), or 2 pineapple eggs mixed with vinegar, or 50 grams of vinegar25 grams of brown sugar, 3 slices of ginger, Jianshui clothes.

  Mung beans, red beans, black beans, 3 kinds of beans, 60 grams each, plus 12 grams of licorice, boiled, beans, soup together, can refresh the hangover, eliminate the symptoms of alcoholism.

  Jujube, Gehua root jujube, Puhua root each 15 grams, together with decoction, has a good hangover, cool, diuretic effect.

  Pears are eaten with pears or squeezed pear juice.

  Take 9 pieces, wash them into a muddy shape, and wrap them with gauze to squeeze out the juice drink (this method can drink the most drunken people such as sorghum wine).

  1000 grams of white radish white radish, smashed into a mud to take juice, 1 serving.

You can also add brown sugar to the white radish juice.

Can also eat raw radish.

  Ginger drunk after nausea and vomiting, you can take a small piece of ginger in the mouth, can stop vomiting.

  Fresh oranges eat fresh orange (fresh orange also) 4-6 or juice drink.

  Sugar tea water sugar tea water can replace the blood alcohol concentration and accelerate excretion.

  For those who are drunk, if they are still unable to reorganize the hangover by the above method, they will be sent to the hospital in an emergency.

There are six things you must do before going to bed to keep you away from aging.

There are six things you must do before going to bed to keep you away from aging.

Smooth, rosy, elastic skin depends on a large supply of micro-vessels in the subdermal tissue of the skin.

When the skin microvascular is smooth, the skin is rosy and lustrous; on the contrary, the color is dull, or it is pale and lacks nutrition, so that the subcutaneous cells are rapidly aging, wrinkles, and even rough.

At this time, the girl who is in puberty has to sleep for 8 hours every day. The middle-aged woman should sleep for 7 hours every day. The sleep time is too long, the body is getting fat, the sleep time is too short, and the human body is thin.Sleep time, sleep during the day and sleep at night are not the same.

Frequent staying up late is very damaging to the face, so if you have to work late at night to sleep, should you sleep in the afternoon?
2 hours to stay energized.

  The following several beauty sleep methods can be referred to: 1.

You should do proper exercise before going to sleep, such as walking, soft gymnastics, etc.


Wash your skin with about 36 waters before going to sleep, or take a comfortable hot bath.


Keep the indoor air fresh and moist.


Do a facial massage before going to sleep.

Use your thumb and index finger to gently rub your nose, then use your index finger and middle finger to gently wipe the nose and nose from the middle of the forehead.


Rub some skin care products such as body lotion on your face before going to bed to avoid dry skin.


Do not eat or drink a lot of drinks before going to bed, but drink half a cup of warm milk before going to bed, which helps sleep, and has a great benefit to beauty.

Solar Health Articles – Lixia

Solar Health Articles – Lixia

I felt that it was not long before I took off the thick winter clothes. In the twinkling of an eye, I came to Lixia.

There is no sense of existence in spring, and it seems that there has never been spring.

It’s already summer, but it’s still raining in the sky.

The weather is really unpredictable.

However, from 3 am on May 6, 2019, the sun officially reached 45 degrees of the Yellow River, indicating that Lixia officially arrived.

It means that the spring is over, and it turns into the summer, the temperature starts to rise obviously, and summer is approaching.

This is an important solar term for crops to begin to grow vigorously.

After the summer, various insects began to grow and breed, some grasshoppers, dragonflies and so on.

Be sure to pay attention to mosquitoes at this time.

If you want to go out, remember to spray some toilet water.

In the summer, if you pay attention to health from the diet, then your body is great this year.

When you are in summer, you can eat more dried fruits.

Dried fruit can effectively protect your heart.

Helps protect the heart and brain blood vessels, some say dried fruit, almonds, etc.

At the same time, diet should also be based on light, such as cabbage, bitter gourd and so on.

After the summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the heart function of the human body is also in a strong period. It is necessary to focus on the heart. Below, I will introduce some foods that will protect my heart.

Longan longan is gentle and sweet, can make up the blood and calm the nerves.

A variety of amino acids, proteins and vitamins.

It has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Eat more can enhance memory and anti-aging.

It is especially beneficial for brain cells.

Honey honey is flat and sweet, with nourishing yin and nourishing blood, filling the heart and moistening the lungs.

Alkaline sugars, a variety of minerals, proteases, protein and other nutrients, spleen, strong, nourishing and other effects.

It can effectively improve hemoglobin and improve myocardial function.

However, it should be noted that it should not be eaten too much and cannot be taken with other Chinese medicines.

Lotus seed lotus seeds are miso, cool.

It can make up the kidney and fix it, containing a small amount of trace, a lot of iron, minerals and so on.

It can lower blood pressure, stabilize the mind and other functions. Grapes have the effect of qi and blood, strong bones and bones, and urination.

Eating more common is good for the brain, and it can combine the effects of replenishing and exciting the brain.

Because the grapes contain a lot of potassium and iron, this is an important element of the body’s stable cardiomyocytes.

Wheat wheat is cool and sweet, with nourishing cardiovascular, clearing heat, antiperspirant and so on.

In particular, wheat contains the highest vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient for protecting human blood and the heart.

Black sesame black sesame is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which can lower blood pressure and prevent thrombosis.

Because the nutrients of black sesame seeds are in the seeds.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat the shell to be effective.

It is recommended to fry it first, explode it, or polish the black sesame seeds into powder.

In addition to paying attention to health in the diet, we must pay attention to life.

Develop a good habit to ensure a healthier body.After the summer, the darkness of the darkness is early.

So be sure to keep your sleep, it is best to fall asleep before 11pm.

Because many people sleep late at night and go to work very early the next day, they may fall asleep.

In this case, we can take a nap at noon.

Guarantee enough energy in the afternoon.

It is advisable to take half an hour to an hour of lunch break, and the time should not be too long. Do not rush to get up after waking up, and then get up for 10 minutes to get up.

Sports summer is a good time for morning exercise. In the morning, you can get up for half an hour or an hour in the morning.

Summer is to enhance your metabolism.

So everyone should go to bed early and get up early and strengthen their exercise.

Finally, I hope that after the coming of the summer solstice, we will work hard to strengthen our physical fitness, and we will start from the very beginning to make our body healthier.

Gu Yu health coup

Gu Yu health coup

Gu Yu, fighting fingers.

The sun yellow is 15 degrees.

The rainy season is around April 20th of the Gregorian calendar year.

Gu Yu, the meaning of “rain and water hundred valleys”, is the sixth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term in spring.

As the saying goes, “clearly clear snow, valley rain breaks frost”, most of the average temperature in most areas is above 12 degrees.

After the rain, the temperature rises faster. From this day, the rainfall begins to increase. The abundant rainwater restores the first seedlings, the new crops to irritation, and the grain grows well.

The duckweed in the pond began to grow, and the mulberry tree also showed a new green leaf, which was the time when the silkworms began to be busy.

At this time, spring tea began to harvest before and after this season. From the hills to the mountains, from the hills to the mountains, the sweaty farmers are busy collecting tea. The tea farmers are busy making tea and fragrance.The overflowing tea is filled with mountain villages.

Agricultural production after the rain has entered a cyclical state.

Therefore, seize the opportunity, intensive cultivation, pay attention to the weather changes, rush to plant and rush, not to mistake the agricultural time is crucial for the harvest after the fall.

  After the rain has been reduced, the rainfall in the air increases, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. At this time, we can not detach from the natural environment change in the regulation of health, and the internal environment (physiological changes in the body) and the external environment (external natural environment) through the internal regulation of the human body.)) The changes are adapted to maintain normal physiological functions.

“Su Wen, Life-saving Full-form Theory” said: “People are born in the world, and the four-time method is formed.”

This means that changes in nature between nature and the world will inevitably directly or indirectly affect the internal environment of the human body. Maintaining internal and external balance coordination is to avoid and reduce the foundation of disease.

Therefore, in the adjustment of health care, we must consider the factors of the rain and thrift, and selectively adjust the climate characteristics.

  After the rainy season, Gu Yu is the onset of neuralgia, such as intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia and so on.

Here to remind friends not to be nervous once the disease, according to different causes, symptomatic treatment.

  In the case of intercostal neuralgia, it is mostly a clinically common symptom that manifests as complications or bilateral flank pain.

Chinese medicine called it “hypochondriac pain.”
“Lingshu·five evils” said: “The evil is in the liver, then the two threats are painful.

“Su Wen, the theory of Tibetan gas law” said: “The liver disease, the two threats under the pain of the lower abdomen.

From the etiology and pathogenesis, the liver is located in the flank, and its pulse is distributed in the two threats. Therefore, the liver is affected and symptoms of hypochondriac pain often occur.

And the liver is the dirty of the wind wood, its sexuality is adjusted, and depression.

Such as the emotional stagnation, liver gas loss in the relief, collaterals blocked, poor ventilation, resulting in hypochondriac pain.

If the liver qi stagnation for a long time, qi stagnation produces blood stasis or due to fall and fall, causing collaterals to stop sputum, can also lead to blood stasis and hypochondriac pain.

Absolutely belongs to the cause of all people, it is basically related to liver qi discomfort, so in the treatment are inseparable from the principle of soothing the liver and promoting blood circulation.

  Sciatica refers to the pain in the sciatic nerve pathway and its local distribution.

More manifestations in the chest, the back of the thigh, calf complications on the posterior side of the joint burning or acupuncture-like pain, severe pain such as knife cutting, increased during activities.

This disease belongs to the “sputum card” of the motherland medicine, and it has the meaning of obstruction.

The cause is nothing more than wind, cold, and dampness invading the meridians, resulting in poor blood and blood stasis.

According to different clinical symptoms, it can be divided into two types: the main feeling of wind evil, the pain is a walker, called the sputum; the main cause of cold evil, the author of the pain, known as sputum;, the performance of sorrow and numbness, numbness, heavy, called; sudden sudden, accompanied by fever symptoms, known as enthusiasm.

Anyone who suffers from sciatica should be treated according to the above four types, in order to clear the meridian qi and blood stagnation, hurricane, cold, and dampness to make the camp and harmonize and get rid of the disease.

  Trigeminal neuralgia is a paroxysmal, transient pain in certain parts of the face.

The disease usually occurs in the forehead of the facial retina, the upper jaw or the mandible.

The pain often suddenly occurs, it is lightning-like, and the knife cuts are unbearable.

The age of onset of the disease is mostly after middle age, the number of female patients.

The pathogenesis of the disease is mostly to feel the evil of the cold, the guest in the facial meridian, causing the meridian to be arrested, the blood flow is blocked, and suddenly the pain.

“Su Wen · Pain Theory” said: “Cold enthusiasm into the classics and late, weeping, but the guests are outside the pulse, the blood is less, the passengers in the veins are mad, but the death is painful.

“In addition, liver qi stagnation, stagnation and fire, diet is not good, food stagnation heat, liver and stomach fire on the face and body yin deficiency, room labor injury, causing yin deficiency and fire caused by the disease.
In addition, diseases such as teeth, mouth, ear and nose can induce this disease.
In the course of treatment, the cause should be investigated and dialectically.

For those who feel the cold, it is necessary to ventilate the blood; those with liver and stomach stagnation, to blaze the fire of the liver and stomach; those who are yin and anger, should use the method of nourishing yin and reducing fire.

Acupuncture has a better therapeutic effect.

  Although the temperature of Gu Yu’s solar terms is mainly sunny and warm, but when it is still cold and hot in the morning and evening, people who are early and late should be more careful to protect themselves and avoid unnecessary pain.

  Here to recommend Gu Yu three health coups: First, Gu Yu in March in the middle of a day to five o’clock, sitting cross-legged, luck, and then shut up, left hand force up, the other hand moved to the chest pressLive the nipple, slowly exhale, close the gas, then change the right hand and lift the force, the other hand moved to the chest to place the nipple.

Repeatedly doing this five to seven times, then the teeth moved thirty-six times, adjusted to breathe, and Jin liquid swallowed Dantian nine times.

It can be cured: spleen and stomach damage, blood stasis, yellow eyes, nosebleeds, swelling of the lower jaw, swelling of the outside of the arm, and palm fever.

  Second, the six-character 诀 health care six-character 诀 is a kind of vomiting method.

It is through the different best mouth shape of the six words of hu, h, pharynx, blow, sputum, etc., the force of the lip and mouth mouthpiece is different, to affect the movement of different organs, blood and meridians.

  The preparatory two-legged open, shoulder width, head straight neck, chest pull back, loose waist and loose, knees slightly flexed, body relaxation, breathing naturally.

  Breathing uses abdominal breathing, first call back and suck, call the words while reading, while lifting the anus and kidney, weight to the heel.

  After adjusting each word for six times, adjust the interest once to take a break and restore nature.

Six-character 诀 full set of exercises for each word to do six breaths, three times in the morning and evening, the effect will be seen in the long-term.

  Third, the platoon guidance function adapts to the scope: sleepiness, lack of energy.

  Specific methods: natural sitting, upper body integrity, body relaxation, both hands from the outside of the two thighs, the whole body relax, the left hand grabs the right foot, the right hand grabs the left foot, pulls the left and right force six times, then the two arms cross, the two hands by the two thighsStretch out the person, grab the left foot with your left hand, grab your right foot with your right hand, and pull back six times with force.

The simple truths found in life

The simple truths found in life

Some attitudes about life are hidden in our daily behaviors. Don’t care about everything, but it is too serious to care about every point, sometimes it is denied. It is not a certainty.

Look at the world with a tolerant heart, and you will find that the winter sun is also very bright.

  Many people like the feeling of a new look after the house has been cleaned.

In the same way, the feeling of finishing the hair is also very good, because the extra things are removed.

The same is true of our professional status, which requires regular elimination of workplace stress.

  Children are happy because they don’t have too much thought and no worries.

Adults are different. There are too many backlogs in our lives and too many imaginary complexities and some enlarged grief.

  Anyone who uses a computer knows that the recycle bin needs to be emptied frequently, otherwise it will take up too much space and affect the speed of the computer.

The human mind is also.

You can’t throw anything away, and you can’t keep everything.

A wise person is a good person to choose, a person who chooses at the right time.

People who have too many minds go unhappy, and people who have no mind at all are mostly irrational.

  And the lack of life is also here, you have to constantly clean up and give up some things, because “the less stuff stuffed in life, the more potential you can reach.”

I remember in a scene, a person said to the protagonist: “Let’s go, don’t look back, don’t do it, don’t come back.

“What he meant was to get him out of here, hoping not to let the past drag him down.”

  Cleaning the mind is a process of struggle and struggle.

Life is a journey that keeps waving. The younger must say goodbye to his hometown. The sad person must say goodbye to the sadness. The eagle must say goodbye to ease, and happiness must say goodbye to sorrow.

If you don’t say goodbye, you don’t have to grow up. If you want to be strong, you have to be brave to turn around. Parting is to get together better.

  Giving up is also a kind of tolerance. Just like a country, there is no growth without tolerance.

Among all the elements of success, the mind is the first, or it can be said that tolerance is the first.

  Sometimes, giving up the words of the offense, giving up the urge to anger, and abandoning the desire for revenge is itself a tolerance.

  Smart people often have to give up explanations.

For many people, the explanation is to cover up.

Li Wei said well: Sometimes the explanation is expected – the enemy does not believe in your explanation, and the friend does not need your explanation.

There are many things that don’t need to be explained at all. It’s sometimes because the rain is not clear, and it’s fine.

  Don’t be afraid of successful people, because as long as you do things, you will make mistakes, and you will touch some people, which will cause some people’s dissatisfaction.

In fact, it is very good to have 50% of people agree with you. There are very few hundred things in the world. The more beautiful things, the easier it is to break.

To exercise your ability to treat opposition correctly, you must be brave enough to take the initiative to seek opposition.

Don’t reject the opponent. He can have his opinion. This is his freedom and has nothing to do with you.

Don’t bother to argue with him, it’s important to hurry.

  Time produces beauty. Almost everyone has their own sadness, so we are not surprised. Some places that seem to be important, such hometowns, alma mater, original units, first love scenes, but not many people are eager to go back.That’s because there are too many stories in it, there are too many heavy ones in place.

Out of sight out of mind.

  And when everything can be seen, there is often nothing to lose, time dilutes the past, leaving only good memories, memories of youth, memories of growth, memories of hard work, and rubbing shoulders.And the bright smile and the warm candlelight in the lonely night.

I have participated in and interviewed many celebrations, and I have seen the most white hair of my eyes and the tears of reunion.

Years can soften the hardest heart.

  Social psychologists tell us that terrible embarrassment arises in similar developing countries and regions, and conflicts often stem from the entanglement of interests.

“Every creature is exposed to a high degree of combat,” because all living things have a high rate of increase, and in the case of limited resources, the struggle for survival is constant.

The most violent battles almost always occur between individuals of the same species, because they live in the same area and need the same foodstuffs, which is also a threat.The relaxation of some tensions requires time and distance. It is far away, and it feels irrelevant, and it is released.

Looking far away, many things are beautiful.

  Therefore, I often warn myself that there is no need to solve problems that cannot be solved, and that problems that cannot be solved will disappear in the torrent of time.

In fact, whether it is a misunderstanding, a contempt, or a contradiction, will change the transition of time and fade away. Time can turn the Bohai Sea into a mulberry field.

  I have done a lot of columns on the aesthetics of retreat, but I have rarely done a column for more than a year, because I feel that for any text performance, it is long enough for a year.

Even the best eyes, watching a thing will be fatigued for a long time, the physical strength, emotional and intellectual cycle determines that a person can not stay in the climax forever, in a life cycle, people have to go to a low tide.

One year is a life cycle.

  “A timely and beautiful retreat is just as important as a beautiful offense.

Helping someone for a long time, even the goddess of luck will be tired.”

The important thing is not to win the cheers of others when you arrive, but to miss others when you leave.

  The aesthetics of retreat is the beginning and the end.

Its key is the timing and way of “final”.

It is harder to get out of the way than to enter smoothly, because the top of the mountain is beautiful because people are generally tired when going down the mountain.

  ”There is no long moss on the rolling stone,” and the mountain is not the first mountain.

A person’s life will climb countless mountains, and each mountain is so chic, but no mountain is really worth staying forever.

  One factor that influences retirement is greed, and another factor is excessive attachment.

No one can be overly obsessed with the interests of life.

The so-called obstinacy is not a paranoia in a certain aspect, a certain desire, an attempt, a certain purpose, a certain process.

Any paranoia can make people lose their pertinent judgments, thus missing the beauty and delaying life.

  You can’t lose anything if you lose. “You can’t lose anything because you give someone a smile, because it will come back forever.”

How do you get out of things, how come back.

No one doesn’t like to smile.

  But the problem is that things that make people smile are often not around, but you are annoyed, and things that are uneasy are often lingering.

Being unable to be with people and things you like is the root cause of many people’s unhappiness, because you have no source of happiness.

  I used to have a few days, I am very embarrassed, the girl I like does not care about me, my carefully prepared manuscript has been changed to change, my body has also had problems, the cold from time to time patronize me, my life is a mess.

At this time, my good friend said to me: “If you lose anything, you can’t lose your mood. Some things are let go.

“I decided to change.

I no longer look for the girl. I immediately voted for the manuscript. I also said goodbye to a lazy and irregular life, starting to play and run every day.

As a result, my body became fit, my manuscript was published soon, and I won the prize. I no longer “care” that girl started to care about me. I always think that one person or thingThere are certain reasons why you can feel uncomfortable. Some reasons may be known for a long time, and you will never know for some reasons, but these are not important. What is important is that it makes you uncomfortable.It affects your mood, affects your judgment, and affects your time.

Give others a chance to re-recognize you and give yourself a chance to know the wider world. What is wrong with it.

Let the home shine a charming fragrance

Let the home shine a charming fragrance

Let’s take a look at the seven rules of decorating a fragrant home, let your home smell a charming smell in the New Year.

  The first trick: perfume method: spray a perfume or air freshener on a light bulb such as a wall lamp, table lamp or chandelier. The evaporated perfume can emit aroma in the room; Advantages: due to direct evaporation, the aroma is more intense;The taste is very fast; good perfumes are expensive.

  The second measure: the method of fragrant wood furniture: Some furniture exudes a fresh and natural, simple and elegant taste with a unique material.

For example, eucalyptus can exude a light eucalyptus scent; Advantages: Natural fragrant wood can almost emit fragrance, kill insects, kill ants, prevent smashing, smashing, and remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde; Disadvantages: the smell of natural fragrant woodNot obvious, and it will decay as time goes by.

  The third measure: fruit method: fresh fresh fruit slices or fruit skin can produce natural fresh aroma, such as lemon, orange and pineapple; Advantages: fresh smell can also emit the unique smell of fresh fruit; orange peel and moreHas the effect of deworming; Disadvantages: the handling of fresh fruit is very troublesome, preservation is also a major problem.

  The fourth measure: the method of aromatherapy: use aromatherapy candles or a small candle to smoke the aromatherapy furnace containing the essential oil of the plant, so that the whole room is full of fragrance; Advantages: There are a wide variety of aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy furnaces on the market.You can choose and adjust the weight according to your favorite; at the same time, you can create a romantic atmosphere by using the aromatherapy method; Disadvantages: low-priced scented candles or aromatherapy essential oils, easy to produce irritation and slight residual smoke;The price of botanical essential oils and candles is relatively high.

  The fifth measure: the method of planting: using flowers or by planting green plants to create a fresh aroma; Advantages: the fragrance of green plants and flowers is natural, environmentally friendly and absolutely healthy, plus green plants and flowers, even the smell is healthy, but also visuallyForm enjoyment; Disadvantages: Flowers are easy to wither and not lasting; while green plants require frequent care and time.

  The sixth measure: the method of drug packaging: you can buy herbal medicines such as Asarum from the pharmacy, directly or after drying, put them into gauze or thin cloth bags.

It is very suitable for being placed in wardrobes, cabinets and shoe cabinets. It has a strong fragrance when opening the cabinet. Advantages: The taste of the herb is absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy. It can be used to remove the stench in the cabinet. Disadvantages: Herbs have a sweet taste, not allPeople can accept it.

  A fragrant home environment is of course loved by everyone, but some over-stimulated aromas may have counterproductive effects.

For the odor, everyone will consciously shun the house, but for the scent, it is often easy to relax, but the scent is too strong to be healthy.

Especially for people who are not sensitive to smell, don’t let the smell of home is too rich. In addition to harming health, the excessive fragrance may be the seventh trick: dry flower method: use dried roses, jasmine petals and substitute spicesPlaced in a basket and other containers, it can not only emit floral fragrance, but also can be used as a decoration for home decoration; there are also dried flower bags that have been made in the market; Advantages: scent, natural and delicate, and the storage time is longer than flowers;Compared with the smell of flowers, the effect is not very obvious.

A bad impression on the guests.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good life mood, have a warm and comfortable home life, and maintain the freshness of the home.

What is the honey slimming method?

What is the honey slimming method?

I believe that many of my friends are very envious of the stars in the film and television dramas, because they are only good-looking, and the body is also first-class, which also allows them to add more temperament, so they can be supported by the majority of friends.

Therefore, this allows more beauty lovers to sprout the idea of losing weight, so what are the honey weight loss methods?

In response to the question raised by everyone, the next time, please ask friends to study with me.

  Honey has excellent bactericidal effect and detoxification effect. It can excrete the waste left in the body and improve the metabolism of the whole body, so that the excess amount of energy accumulated in the body due to not being well consumed can be obtained.combustion.
If honey’s sugar can be transported from the stomach to the blood, it can turn into energy and quickly eliminate fatigue.

As the blood sugar level rises, the feeling of satiety increases and the sense of age disappears.

  Since ancient times, honey has been a good intestine in the efficacy of herbal medicine.

The fatty acids contained in honey can promote the active peristalsis of the intestines; the rich vitamins and minerals have the function of regulating the gastrointestinal tract, can remove the toxins from the body and improve the constipation; while the glucose and fructose components do not burden the stomach.

  100 grams of honey contains 294 calories. Even if you eat 200 grams a day, the absorption is only 600 calories. According to the normal standard of ingesting 2 to 2.5 calories, the distance is very long, so although it is a “dessert”, it can be the same.Achieve weight loss.

In addition, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals absorbed and absorbed, can supplement vitamin B, C, potassium, calcium, etc., will not damage the body’s nutritional balance, is the best weight loss.

  1, the materials to be prepared are very simple, including honey.

Tea and water.

  2, the taste of honey and tea can be determined according to individual taste, but it is better to use mineral pure and natural organic materials; it is best to mix mineral water or pure water when brewing.

  3, each cup of honey beverage preparation is 150ml of water or a cup of tea to add 1–2 tablespoons of honey[about 10-20g].

  4, during weight loss, you should drink plenty of water to help the body detoxification.

  The above paragraphs of text give us a detailed introduction to the honey slimming method. Here, I sincerely hope that friends who have this need can seriously study the above content, so that they have a deeper understanding of these slimming methods and moreSkilled master.

Of course, I also hope that everyone can have such a sense, that is, in the weight loss and slimming must have a persevering attitude.