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Cooked Puyue has become a good choice drink for health, and the taste of cooked tea is also suitable for autumn and winter.

Cooked Puyue has become a good choice drink for health, and the taste of cooked tea is also suitable for autumn and winter.

Entering the autumn and getting cold, experiencing the change of climate, drinking more mature and becoming a good choice drink in line with health, the taste of cooked tea becomes more palatable in autumn and winter.

About drinking cooked tea Many people say that cooked tea is difficult to understand. In fact, for drinking tea, drinking the same tea every day will be greasy, and occasionally changing the taste may feel good!

The aroma of Pu’er tea is described by the analogy of the taste. What do we say about the aroma of cooked tea today?

First, the lotus scent, similar to the fragrant fragrance of the lotus leaf, the lotus scent is one of the typical aromas of the Bohai Pu’er tea. It is the common aroma of light fermented cooked tea. It is difficult for many people to distinguish the lotus fragrance.It seems that there is no more, some cooked tea is only a kind of aroma of lotus, it mixes a variety of aromas, such as medicinal, musk, etc. Some people say that the lotus is like lotus seeds and tangy taste, and some people think it is faintLotus leaf.

Everyone’s oral perception is different, and the experience will be biased. Of course, you need to drink more to make the difference.

Second, jujube, a kind of aroma that is more easily accepted in Pu’er cooked tea, similar to the aroma of jujube, jujube-type cooked tea is more common in the mature tea of coarse old leaves, sweet and easy to accept, and cost-effective oneKind of cooked tea.

Third, caramel fragrant, sweet with a scorching feeling, not very special scent but its taste is also liked by many people, caramel fragrant is the most prone type of cooked (over-fermented) cooked tea,Its sweetness is more pronounced in 3-7 years.

Fourth, the fragrant and fragrant cooked teas are all fragrant, which will appear after a certain period of storage. The degree of medicinal aroma varies greatly depending on the fermentation technique. Some are faint, thick, andJust right.

Five, woody, the common scent in cooked tea, is also a basic performance of a cooked tea. Personal understanding of good tea in the last tail water smoldering bubble will basically bring woody, cooked teaFragrance, woody species also have some subtle differences such as eucalyptus, Chen Muxiang and so on.

Six, ginseng, is also a good type of fragrant, like the scent of ginseng, usually found in cooked tea stored in high temperature and high humidity environment, ginseng gives people a sense of quiet and peaceful.

The aroma of cooked tea is really less than the aroma of raw tea, but the scent of many teas is worth looking forward to.

You are welcome to share your understanding of the aroma of cooked tea!

Quit smoking is persistent: relapse is more harmful to the lungs

Quit smoking is persistent: relapse is more harmful to the lungs

Nowadays, some smokers have realized the dangers of smoking and decided to quit smoking.

But after a long time of quit, I couldn’t stand the temptation of cigarettes, and then smoke again. This practice of smoking after smoking cessation is extremely undesirable.

  Experts pointed out that the harm of smoking cessation and relapse is actually very large, even more harmful to the human body before quitting smoking.

The most important hazard is: recovery from cessation of lung failure.

  Experts from a university in the United States have conducted a survey of 477 smokers. The results show that people who quit smoking after smoking cessation are faster than those who have been smoking.

Because people who smoke after smoking cessation are more susceptible to toxic substances in the smoke.

Relapsers are more likely to become addicted earlier than other smokers. After relapse, the amount of inhaled cigarettes is more, and the inhalation of each cigarette is deeper, and the impact on the body is self-evident.

Therefore, once smokers quit smoking, they must resolutely resist the temptation to hold cigarettes and completely quit smoking. Otherwise, smoking smoke will be re-absorbed in the middle of smoking cessation, and the harm to human health will be more serious.

  Since the danger of relapse after smoking cessation is so serious, how can we avoid relapse?

  Most relapses occur shortly after quitting smoking, and a few people relapse after months or even years of quitting.

Preventing relapse is a very important moment in the process of smoking cessation. Pay attention to the following points: First, deal with the dangerous situation of easy re-inhalation of smokers, and control the desire for continuous smoking. For every smoker, while quitting smoking,The urge to smoke has not completely disappeared.

Under some specific “dangers” (when people around you smoke, feel stressed, interpersonal tension, irritability, drinking), they will cause urge to smoke. Please try to avoid these situations and observe your smoking habits.Prepare targeted countermeasures in advance to respond to possible re-smoking.

It is a good idea to take some slow deep breaths or other military activities to divert attention when you have a smoking urge.

  Second, create an environment that encourages smokers to quit, notify spouses, family members, friends, colleagues and other close contacts that they have quit smoking, ask them to supervise themselves, and ask the smokers around to try to restrain themselves.Smoking.
All retained tobacco products, lighters, ashtrays and other smoking tools must be discarded before starting to quit.

Place warning signs in places and places where smoking has always been used, such as: “Do not smoke when you get up”, “Do not smoke after meals”, etc.

Choose alternatives such as chewing gum, toothpicks, pencils, spoons, etc. to help overcome the repeated movements of the hand and mouth multiple times a day.

  Third, reviewing the previous smoking cessation experience often recalls the previous failed smoking cessation experience, and found out that it is helpful to oneself, some of which is the cause of repeated water absorption, stepping on the experience of smoking cessation.

  Fourth, choose the appropriate smoking cessation method for smokers to choose the “gradual reduction method” or “sudden stop method”.

Although the “sudden stop method” may cause some discomfort in the first two weeks of smoking cessation, the use of smoking cessation drugs, rather than the symptoms, will be eliminated.

The “gradual reduction method” is often not easy to adhere to because of the prolonged duration, and some selected smokers actually make excuses for not wanting to quit smoking, so it is recommended to use the “sudden stop method”.

  Fifth, give yourself some appropriate rewards In the process of quitting smoking, each time you win a small victory, you can give yourself a little reward, so you can always urge yourself to achieve the final victory.

  Sixth, the treatment of withdrawal symptoms after smoking cessation, low blood nicotine concentration, plus psychological and behavioral reasons for smoking, dizziness, stomach discomfort, constipation, nervousness, inattention, depression and insomnia,Medical withdrawal for the first time.

These symptoms quickly disappear after 2-3 weeks of smoking cessation.

Tell the quitters to find ways to resolve the symptoms of withdrawal, and combine these symptoms only in the early stages of smoking cessation. After successful cessation, these other symptoms will disappear and you will feel more relaxed and energetic than before quit smoking.

After starting to quit smoking, the workload can be reduced by one week, and the brakes release pressure.

When you have a desire to smoke, you can take a deep breath, relax your tight muscles, take a walk or moderate exercise, such as drinking water, tea, chewing sugar-free chewing gum and other alternatives are also effective.

In addition, adequate sleep should be guaranteed.

Noodles and potatoes are allowed to cool down and eat less to reduce the amount of _1

Noodles and potatoes are cooled and eaten to reduce the amount

As a staple food, noodles, rice, taro, potatoes and other starchy foods, even fixed some people’s table, but the accusation that they eat more blood sugar, leading to body weight is also based on evidence, so that patients with diabetes andPeople with high blood pressure have to list them as “blacklists.”

  The reason why starchy foods cause blood sugar rise is because they are digested faster, especially rice made from white rice, rice cakes, and sweet bread made from white flour. The digestion rate is even the same as carbon water.The white sugar of the compound is almost the same, so it can raise blood sugar immediately.

After the blood sugar rises, the body will instinctively increase secretion, and the elderly will increase the slight synthesis, reduce the decomposition, and naturally cause obesity.

Moreover, excessive blood sugar secretion will cause blood sugar to drop too fast, causing people to feel aging again and their appetite is greatly increased.

  Therefore, if we can find a way to slow down the digestion of these foods, we can fundamentally solve the above series of problems.

So how do you slow down the digestion of starchy foods?

The answer is to let it cool.

  In terms of nutrition, starch is divided into three categories: “fast digestion starch”, “slow digestion starch” and “resistant starch”.

Among them, resistant starch has the slowest digestion rate in the body, and its properties are similar to those of soluble fiber, and most of them pass through the intestines, resulting in very little conversion.

Studies have shown that the cooling method just happens to produce more resistant starch in the food, and the boots achieve the purpose of slowing down digestion.

In fact, it is recommended that when we eat potato noodles, we must not rush to fill the stomach, and it will be more beneficial to eat when it is cold.

What effect does the liver cyst have on patients?

Precautions for patients with hepatic cysts

What effect does the liver cyst have on patients?
Precautions for patients with hepatic cysts

Hepatic cysts are attached to the function of liver cancer in the liver. The detoxification and metabolic functions of the liver are impaired, and alcohol needs to be metabolized and detoxified by the liver. When alcohol enters the human body, it may even lead to a decrease in low-density microprotein synthesis.Aggravation of degeneration and necrosis of hepatocytes.

Among the hazards of hepatic cysts affecting patients with hepatic cysts, about 50% of patients with polycystic kidney disease may have symptoms such as hypertension, hematuria, renal pain, and renal insufficiency.

The risk of hepatic cysts is complicated by cystic infection, bleeding, rupture, and torsion. It is characterized by sudden high blood pressure, high fever, or symptoms and signs of peritonitis.

Hepatic cysts may have pain in the liver area, bloating, and sometimes a sudden increase in cysts or secondary infections, which may suddenly increase abdominal pain or fever.

Sometimes the upper abdomen can touch the mass, and some patients have abdominal pain, vomiting, and jaundice.

Most of the causes of hepatic cyst disease are caused by the development of small bile ducts in the liver. The occurrence of single hepatic cysts is caused by ectopic bile ducts.

Hepatic cysts grow slowly and therefore may be asymptomatic for long-term or life-long, and their clinical manifestations vary with the location, size, number of cysts, and the presence or absence of compression of adjacent organs and the presence or absence of complications.

Precautions for patients with hepatic cysts 1. Patients with hepatic cysts should have a balanced diet, reduce the amount of food and the total conversion rate, avoid alcohol and irritating foods, maintain the law of life, avoid overwork, and avoid collision of the liver area by external forces, especiallyA large or localized cyst is secondary to infection.

Regularly go to the hospital for review, if there is a change, find treatment early.

2, patients with hepatic cysts must keep the stool smooth.

Liver cyst patients develop the habit of defecation every day, which is very important for the discharge of waste, toxins, can reduce the burden on the liver.

3, hepatic cyst is a common benign liver lesion, if the patient’s diet does not pay attention to the condition can be aggravated, or even worse.

Care should be taken to supplement protein and foods that are expected to be lipids such as fish, meat, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, black beans, etc.

Appropriate amount of fiber, vitamins, eat red vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, red dates, dragon fruit and so on.

4, drink plenty of water can enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, and even promote gland, especially digestive gland and pancreatic juice, bile secretion.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco and irritating foods.

Thick skin

Thick skin

As the saying goes: “People want face, tree to skin”, originally this is the virtue of being a man, but can not be overdone; as the saying goes: “No heart without lungs, not tired of living”, first, stupid stupid, confused and aliveThere is no feeling of being too tired to live; the second is to say that you have to face your face, and to be an ordinary person, you can live longer.


hzh {display: none; }  这两句俗语,都有一定道理,特别是对老年人而言,单位事、家庭事都不用管了,主要的任务是自己如何搞好保健养生,延年益寿,不必再Labor care, make you tired of physical and mental fatigue, encounter some annoying things, do not have to be so strong and eager to face, but pay more attention to change your temper, as long as there is food, wear, live, you can quicklyHappy music will naturally prolong life.

  When people are old, they may have a thicker face.

Just do something wrong, make a mistake, and don’t let yourself go.

Don’t go through the face and do something stupid.

On the road of life, no one can avoid doing good things and not doing bad things. If you do the right thing, don’t do wrong things, you can see if you can do bad things, take lessons in time, sum up experience, reflect on yourself, and turn bad things into good things.And again, to face too much, sometimes it hurts yourself.

In fact, let the elderly face thick, that is, not to be harmful to health.

Living is seen to be lower, from leadership to ordinary people, from rich to poor, in order to ensure health, you have to be a little bit of Ah Q, do not take care of your own face because of the useless facePhysical and mental health.

  Therefore, Director Li Xiaolong, a psychologist at the Wuhan Psychological Hospital, proposed the following “four points”: First, it was a little hot.

People live a little more violently, and they must be bold and timid when they are in trouble. Don’t be shy and answer, they can open up the situation in life, do a good job in society, and be healthy and healthy.

Especially for female friends, most of the people who are sultry and outgoing are more free and relaxed, and live long and happy.

  Second, there is less shyness.

That is to say, the elderly should jump out of the shackles of feudal thoughts. Don’t be shy to participate in cultural and social activities in the society, such as dancing, making friends with men and women, making a big deal, and doing things right and doing things, not afraid of people who are talking about bad things, even more.Don’t create a sense of shame yourself, but cause mental stress, bad mood, and damage to health.

  The third is a bit more chic.

Open your heart and feel how happy you are.

Don’t restrain yourself.

Some old people don’t dare to show up in new clothes. New, beautifully worn inside, old ones outside, this is not enough performance.

With money, it’s okay to eat and dress well, why not?

It is a daily attitude to do things in a generous manner and live in harmony.

  Fourth, the skin is thicker.

Everyone lives in a complex society, all kinds of people have it, can do troubles or obstacles in everything, and there are doubts and even attacks, so it is necessary to learn less.Considering the face, the face should be thicker, otherwise it will be unpleasant and depressed, and naturally it will damage mental health.

Essential oil massage three styles help breast enlargement (including routine)

Essential oil massage three styles help breast enlargement (including routine)

“Safety first, beautiful second”, through the popularization of breast enhancement products, all kinds of problems are also coming, eating breast products, even for external breast enhancement products, may cause our hormone secretion disorder, causing breast hyperplasia, or the emergence of breast antibacterialWait.

How can we safe breast enlargement?

Homemade oil massage is a good way.

  Essential oil: the essential part of the rose rose essential oil is called “after the essential oil”, because it is the absolute “female essential oil”, which has a direct impact on the endocrine regulation of women, so the internal conditioning of women,For example, removing chloasma, breast enhancement, etc., are inseparable from rose essential oil.

  From large to large breast enhancement formula: use 5 ml of base oil (base oil such as jojoba oil can be used, no olive oil can be used instead, the best is grape seed oil with antioxidant function),Add rose oil, ylang-ylang oil, and two drops of geranium oil.

Anti-sagging chest formula: 4 ml of base oil, 4 drops of rose essential oil, 2 drops of lemon essential oil.

  Massage: Three strokes to shape the breasts, put the fine oil in the palm of your hand, quickly hot, start to massage.

  The first measure: spring brakes.

With both hands and five fingers trying to open completely, the thumb just under the arm socket, covering the chest, blocked like a spring, bouncing.

The middle finger of both hands should be placed in the middle of the two chests. The acupuncture points in this position are good for dredging the breast and the intensity of pressing.

  The second measure: starting from the cleavage, hands massage from top to bottom along the edge of the breast, massage until the armpit, stop in the axillary lymph, gently press or tap the armpit several times.

  The third measure: eight-character massage.

The left and right hands alternate, the left hand holds up the right chest, the right hand holds the left chest, and the left-handed surround is made into a figure-shaped massage. It should be noted that the hand is slightly heavier when lifting the massage from the bottom to the bottom in the lower part, and the hand pushes on the top.Use light force when massage.

  You can do 20 actions per group per day.

Health care and wear of Lichun Health

Health care and wear of Lichun Health

As the saying goes, “One year is in spring”, spring is a very important season. For people, spring is a season of stretching feelings and inspiring emotions. For the human body, going through a winter’s stagnation,It saves a winter’s energy, and it needs to be released in the spring.

  Spring itself is the season of rising. It should let the yang rise from the hidden state of winter as soon as possible, and enter a new round of “life, long, harvest, and possession.”

Winter is the season of “hidden” energy, then, now the “Lichun” solar terms have begun, that is, the energy “rise” has begun.

  It can be said that after the beginning of the spring, the focus of health care, in addition to maintaining the body, there are also prevention of disease recurrence.

How should we maintain health after the specific “Lichun”?

For the human body, health care is nothing more than a few aspects, “eat, wear, live”, of course, including health care.

  ● Wearing a reduced dress without losing pants, after eating and living, the following is naturally worn.

“Spring and Autumn” is a proverb that everyone has heard of. What is the health care contained in it?

After the spring, just turned into the early spring from the winter, the weather is warm and cold, and the human body’s blood has just begun to go out from the inside, the outside yang is still weak, if this time does not pay attention to keep warm, cold evil is easy to invade the body, then eachCold diseases will follow.

  However, you know that “spring is frozen”, can you know what the key points are?

In fact, from the perspective of human physiology, the lower limbs are located at the telecentric end, and the blood circulation is naturally much worse than that of the upper limbs and the trunk. It is more susceptible to wind and cold invasion, and the cold is more from the bottom. The clothes of the lower body are less than the clothes of the upper body.It’s easier to be slower.

Lichun does not reduce the pants, of course, the clothes should be slowly reduced. Prematurely reducing the clothes has no harm to the body.

  ● Health care can often follow the acupuncture points in the spring, it will inevitably lead to various discomforts caused by wind evils invading the body, such as headache, dizziness, children with colds and fever, rhinitis attacks, and even facial paralysis. Here are some auxiliary conditioningMethod, of course, if you have already entered the disease period, you still have to see a doctor quickly. After all, most people are still a layman for medical treatment.

  Spring liver gas is too strong and encounters wind evil, it is prone to dizziness, headache and other phenomena, how to deal with this time?

In addition to diet, attention to life, you can also use the corresponding points to deal with.

When you are dizzy, you can use the head cavity, where is the head cavity?

As the name implies, the head of the forehead is in the hairline.

Use the middle finger of both hands to press the squat before and after, close your eyes, and then with the breath, squat for a few minutes, then press the head of the plaque for a few minutes, the temple for a few minutes.

Pressing sputum every day is acupuncture points for treating dizziness, dizziness, and head swelling.

  If you have a headache, you can use the Hegu point and the column missing points to treat it. The thumb is pressed by the sputum, the middle finger is pressed by the sputum, and the two points are pressed together, and the strength is added.

  Many children arrive at the Spring Festival. Because clothes are not properly worn, they are prone to cold and fever. If it is low fever, parents can handle it themselves. How to do it?

You can cut a piece of ginger in half, then rub the back of the child, then rub your hands and feet.

See if you can make your child fall back.

Or use the chrysanthemum to boil water to rub the body for your child.

Do not let your child get cold again, whether it is rubbing or washing.

  In addition, many children in spring are prone to spleen and stomach discomfort, bad appetite, and even accumulate food. At this time, the child can often do chiropractic, and the child’s buttocks have a turtle tail. Starting from the top of the acupoint, the skin is pinched and gradually pushed.Go up and go up to the Dazhui.

Do not be too heavy, be scornful, if the child does not cooperate, you can squat down from the big vertebrae, this time you do not need to pinch the skin.

  Rhinitis is a disease that is more common in spring. In addition to keeping warm, when rhinitis is attacked, it can be used for moxibustion, Dazhui, Fengchi, Lie, Feishu, Pishu, Shenshu, a few points, and a serious nasal congestion.The head is crying.

Dry nose can be added to the star, Hegu, plus hands often massage the lumbosacral bladder, so that the dry nasal cavity is comfortable.

Usually you can often massage the fragrant acupoints, Shang Yingxiang points, eye points and so on.

Let the pouting you become a thin beauty

Let the pouting you become a thin beauty


Protein slimming method One of Japan’s popular weight loss methods, the earliest protein diet menus are only quail eggs and vegetables. After years of evolution, today’s protein diet menus have more fish, shrimp, noodles and so on.

In fact, the protein contained in the protein is very rich, almost the same as the protein contained in the general lean meat. Adults can mix a large number of vegetables, reduce meat consumption, and eat 5 to 6 proteins per day.

  Menu: Breakfast can eat smoked turkey protein with peach cereal bag and 1 cup of water, lunch is burnt prawn eggplant with 1 cup of hot lemon tea with sugar substitute, dinner is roasted dragon and willow with spicy bean stuffed protein, 1 bowlMixed vegetables and 1 cup of water.

  Note: Do not eat for more than 7 days in a row, and you must quit sweets, otherwise you will lose all your efforts.

The cooking method should be steamed, boiled, simmered or less fried. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and no more than 2 times of weight loss treatment in one month.


The theory of eating meat and losing weight is to rely on fasting starch and sweets to reduce the glucose in the blood, thereby stimulating the body to break down fat, providing the purpose of burning adults and reducing weight.

  However, during the burning of adults, the amount of “dialysis” in the blood increases and stimulates urination.

So in general, only part of the weight is unfortunate, and more than 50% is excess water.

Because the method is very simple, you only need to eat pure meat and a lot of vegetables, and you can stop losing weight if you don’t want to go hungry.

  Note: If you use pure meat for normal eating habits for a long time, your body’s plasma will be too high, leading to heart or blood vessel problems.

The human body produces harmful substances when it breaks down fat and protein, which greatly increases the load on the kidneys and liver. Long-term eating will lack sufficient water, and it is only suitable for monthly use.

In addition, the gastrointestinal tract is replaced by a large amount of feces in the meat, adapted to stimulate the faeces to become septic, and supplemented with a large amount of vegetables and water, will double the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, so it is especially suitable for people with constipation.


The slimming method is a calorie-free, but cellulose-rich food.

The ready-to-eat glutinous rice produced by the stalk milling process is free of any calories, but the dieting method that only eats this food every day is quite dangerous.

The best way is to try to cook with each meal. Because the taste of the clam is similar to that of rice, and the taste is very light, so it is cooked in the rice, so that it is easy to be full when eating, thus reducing the low calorie intake.

  Note: As for the extremely popular “蒟蒻 jelly”, it can effectively treat constipation. However, because of the addition of sugar, juice, etc., each small cup of jelly already contains about 100 kcal, so it is not advisable to eat more.

The magical effect of brown sugar

The magical effect of brown sugar

Most people think that brown sugar is suitable for women with irregular menstruation and women who have just given birth.

In fact, brown sugar is more suitable for the elderly, especially for those who are old and frail, and who are recovering from serious illnesses.

This is because brown sugar is a well-recognized refined sugar that retains vitamins and minerals.

Eat more brown sugar for the elderly to maintain health.

  According to different crystal grains, brown sugar is divided into red sugar, brown sugar powder, bowl sugar, etc. Because they are not highly refined, they almost retain all the ingredients in the sugar juice. In addition to the sugar function, they also contain vitamins and trace elements, such asIron, zinc, manganese, chromium, etc., the nutrients are much higher than white sugar.

  Each 100 grams of brown sugar contains 90 mg of calcium, 4 mg of iron, and also contains a small amount of riboflavin and carotene.

Japanese researchers have also extracted a kind of polysaccharide called “molasses” from brown sugar. Experiments have shown that it has antioxidant effects and has obvious effects on anti-aging.

  Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, sweet, and enters the spleen. It has the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, relieving pain, and promoting blood circulation.

The elderly gradually reduce the intake of various trace elements and vitamins, and should pay attention to supplementing in the diet to maintain normal metabolic function and delay aging.

Therefore, experts suggest that when the elderly are eating sugar, they should choose more brown sugar.

  In fact, brown sugar is eaten a lot.

If you can add white fungus, medlar, red dates or boiled with red beans, it is beneficial to water and diuretic effect; add longan, ginger juice, boil, have the effect of supplementing blood; cook with sweet potato and ginger juice, have health effects, but also a differentA snack with flavor.

  However, not everyone is suitable for eating brown sugar.

Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm and suitable for people who are afraid of cold and cold.

In addition, people with high stomach acid, including erosive gastritis, stomach pain caused by gastric ulcer, diabetic patients should not eat brown sugar.

  The next page introduces two simple brown sugar diets.

When the millet red jujube porridge is cooked with millet porridge, put a few red dates.

When the porridge is boiled, add brown sugar when you eat.

The ancients believed that millet porridge, the oil on the top can nourish Yin and kidney, red dates, brown sugar and blood, suitable for the elderly and infirm who are sallow and forgetful.


Red sugar jujube tea red dates add water to boil, add brown sugar, and then take it into black tea (or green tea) and take it frequently.

Drinking this tea often has the effect of replenishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Old people can’t just eat vegetarian meat and be healthier.

Old people can’t just eat vegetarian meat and be healthier.

Nowadays, many elderly people are pursuing vegetarianism, but in fact, long-term vegetarianism is not good for the elderly. Experts believe that the elderly still need to eat some meat in three meals. Let’s take a look at it.

  Older people eat some meat will be healthier. International organizations such as the World Health Organization have set a daily protein intake standard: 0 per kilogram of body weight.

8 grams of protein.

But the amount of protein intake is not enough to maintain the muscle size and strength of older men.

The results of the University of Auckland study show that according to 0.

In the elderly who consumed protein at 8 g/kg body weight, their muscle size and strength decreased; according to the elderly, the amount of muscle loss was reduced in the elderly who doubled the protein in this standard.

  From the age of 50, the size and strength of the muscles will naturally drop.

Severe muscle loss can lead to physical weakness, loss of independence and risk of premature death.

Regular consumption of sufficient protein helps maintain normal muscle function.

  The findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that older men eat high-quality protein at every meal to support muscle health.

In promoting muscle growth, proteins derived from animals (such as dairy products and meat) are transferred from plants.

  What kind of meat is good for the elderly? 1, high-quality fish should be eaten by high-quality fish, especially deep-sea fish.

The weight of omega-3 fatty acids in fish meat, omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, enhance immunity, speed up metabolism, and have a certain protective effect on the retina.

Fish also contains DHA (220% hexahydrate), EPA (twenty carbon five acid), which can promote mental development, enhance memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

At the same time, the amount of trace impurities in fish meat is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  2, beef and beef are rich in protein and amino acids, Chinese medicine believes that beef has Buzhongyiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the bones and bones function, research shows that the beef nutrient composition of pork is closer to the human body needs, the elderly eat beef is conducive to improveThe body’s disease resistance.

Today is the winter season, when eating beef has the effect of warming the stomach, it is a great food tonic.

  3, chicken, duck, chicken and duck meat are the main poultry meat.

Chicken protein, vitamin C, E, etc., easy to digest, and suitable for the elderly.

Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the benefits of warming the body, replenishing the essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, activating the blood vessels, and strengthening the muscles and bones, which is conducive to the elderly to strengthen their physical strength and strengthen their body.

The nutritional value of duck meat is high, protein intake, nourishing, Chinese medicine believes that duck meat is cold, nourishing, nourishing the stomach, tonifying the kidney, eliminating edema, relieving cough and phlegm.

In addition, duck meat contains niacin, which has a certain protective effect on heart disease patients such as myocardial infarction.

  4, rabbit meat rabbit meat protein content is extremely high, but the trace amount, cholesterol content is lower than other meat, is the ideal meat replacement for the elderly, especially for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes patients are very beneficial.

Phospholipid lecithin in rabbit meat has the function of brain and brain.

At the same time, it also contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids required by the human body. Regular consumption of rabbit meat can enhance physical fitness and help the elderly to prolong life.

  5, pork and pork is the main livestock meat, pork is rich in protein and trace amounts of glucose, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients, but also provides heme and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which is conducive to improvementIron deficiency anemia.

Scientific consumption of pork can nourish and strengthen the body, nourishing yin and moistening, but it is necessary to pay special attention to the high content of pork in pork and long-term consumption.