Let the home shine a charming fragrance

Let the home shine a charming fragrance

Let the home shine a charming fragrance

Let’s take a look at the seven rules of decorating a fragrant home, let your home smell a charming smell in the New Year.

  The first trick: perfume method: spray a perfume or air freshener on a light bulb such as a wall lamp, table lamp or chandelier. The evaporated perfume can emit aroma in the room; Advantages: due to direct evaporation, the aroma is more intense;The taste is very fast; good perfumes are expensive.

  The second measure: the method of fragrant wood furniture: Some furniture exudes a fresh and natural, simple and elegant taste with a unique material.

For example, eucalyptus can exude a light eucalyptus scent; Advantages: Natural fragrant wood can almost emit fragrance, kill insects, kill ants, prevent smashing, smashing, and remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde; Disadvantages: the smell of natural fragrant woodNot obvious, and it will decay as time goes by.

  The third measure: fruit method: fresh fresh fruit slices or fruit skin can produce natural fresh aroma, such as lemon, orange and pineapple; Advantages: fresh smell can also emit the unique smell of fresh fruit; orange peel and moreHas the effect of deworming; Disadvantages: the handling of fresh fruit is very troublesome, preservation is also a major problem.

  The fourth measure: the method of aromatherapy: use aromatherapy candles or a small candle to smoke the aromatherapy furnace containing the essential oil of the plant, so that the whole room is full of fragrance; Advantages: There are a wide variety of aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy furnaces on the market.You can choose and adjust the weight according to your favorite; at the same time, you can create a romantic atmosphere by using the aromatherapy method; Disadvantages: low-priced scented candles or aromatherapy essential oils, easy to produce irritation and slight residual smoke;The price of botanical essential oils and candles is relatively high.

  The fifth measure: the method of planting: using flowers or by planting green plants to create a fresh aroma; Advantages: the fragrance of green plants and flowers is natural, environmentally friendly and absolutely healthy, plus green plants and flowers, even the smell is healthy, but also visuallyForm enjoyment; Disadvantages: Flowers are easy to wither and not lasting; while green plants require frequent care and time.

  The sixth measure: the method of drug packaging: you can buy herbal medicines such as Asarum from the pharmacy, directly or after drying, put them into gauze or thin cloth bags.

It is very suitable for being placed in wardrobes, cabinets and shoe cabinets. It has a strong fragrance when opening the cabinet. Advantages: The taste of the herb is absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy. It can be used to remove the stench in the cabinet. Disadvantages: Herbs have a sweet taste, not allPeople can accept it.

  A fragrant home environment is of course loved by everyone, but some over-stimulated aromas may have counterproductive effects.

For the odor, everyone will consciously shun the house, but for the scent, it is often easy to relax, but the scent is too strong to be healthy.

Especially for people who are not sensitive to smell, don’t let the smell of home is too rich. In addition to harming health, the excessive fragrance may be the seventh trick: dry flower method: use dried roses, jasmine petals and substitute spicesPlaced in a basket and other containers, it can not only emit floral fragrance, but also can be used as a decoration for home decoration; there are also dried flower bags that have been made in the market; Advantages: scent, natural and delicate, and the storage time is longer than flowers;Compared with the smell of flowers, the effect is not very obvious.

A bad impression on the guests.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good life mood, have a warm and comfortable home life, and maintain the freshness of the home.