Gu Yu health coup

Gu Yu health coup

Gu Yu health coup

Gu Yu, fighting fingers.

The sun yellow is 15 degrees.

The rainy season is around April 20th of the Gregorian calendar year.

Gu Yu, the meaning of “rain and water hundred valleys”, is the sixth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term in spring.

As the saying goes, “clearly clear snow, valley rain breaks frost”, most of the average temperature in most areas is above 12 degrees.

After the rain, the temperature rises faster. From this day, the rainfall begins to increase. The abundant rainwater restores the first seedlings, the new crops to irritation, and the grain grows well.

The duckweed in the pond began to grow, and the mulberry tree also showed a new green leaf, which was the time when the silkworms began to be busy.

At this time, spring tea began to harvest before and after this season. From the hills to the mountains, from the hills to the mountains, the sweaty farmers are busy collecting tea. The tea farmers are busy making tea and fragrance.The overflowing tea is filled with mountain villages.

Agricultural production after the rain has entered a cyclical state.

Therefore, seize the opportunity, intensive cultivation, pay attention to the weather changes, rush to plant and rush, not to mistake the agricultural time is crucial for the harvest after the fall.

  After the rain has been reduced, the rainfall in the air increases, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. At this time, we can not detach from the natural environment change in the regulation of health, and the internal environment (physiological changes in the body) and the external environment (external natural environment) through the internal regulation of the human body.)) The changes are adapted to maintain normal physiological functions.

“Su Wen, Life-saving Full-form Theory” said: “People are born in the world, and the four-time method is formed.”

This means that changes in nature between nature and the world will inevitably directly or indirectly affect the internal environment of the human body. Maintaining internal and external balance coordination is to avoid and reduce the foundation of disease.

Therefore, in the adjustment of health care, we must consider the factors of the rain and thrift, and selectively adjust the climate characteristics.

  After the rainy season, Gu Yu is the onset of neuralgia, such as intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia and so on.

Here to remind friends not to be nervous once the disease, according to different causes, symptomatic treatment.

  In the case of intercostal neuralgia, it is mostly a clinically common symptom that manifests as complications or bilateral flank pain.

Chinese medicine called it “hypochondriac pain.”
“Lingshu·five evils” said: “The evil is in the liver, then the two threats are painful.

“Su Wen, the theory of Tibetan gas law” said: “The liver disease, the two threats under the pain of the lower abdomen.

From the etiology and pathogenesis, the liver is located in the flank, and its pulse is distributed in the two threats. Therefore, the liver is affected and symptoms of hypochondriac pain often occur.

And the liver is the dirty of the wind wood, its sexuality is adjusted, and depression.

Such as the emotional stagnation, liver gas loss in the relief, collaterals blocked, poor ventilation, resulting in hypochondriac pain.

If the liver qi stagnation for a long time, qi stagnation produces blood stasis or due to fall and fall, causing collaterals to stop sputum, can also lead to blood stasis and hypochondriac pain.

Absolutely belongs to the cause of all people, it is basically related to liver qi discomfort, so in the treatment are inseparable from the principle of soothing the liver and promoting blood circulation.

  Sciatica refers to the pain in the sciatic nerve pathway and its local distribution.

More manifestations in the chest, the back of the thigh, calf complications on the posterior side of the joint burning or acupuncture-like pain, severe pain such as knife cutting, increased during activities.

This disease belongs to the “sputum card” of the motherland medicine, and it has the meaning of obstruction.

The cause is nothing more than wind, cold, and dampness invading the meridians, resulting in poor blood and blood stasis.

According to different clinical symptoms, it can be divided into two types: the main feeling of wind evil, the pain is a walker, called the sputum; the main cause of cold evil, the author of the pain, known as sputum;, the performance of sorrow and numbness, numbness, heavy, called; sudden sudden, accompanied by fever symptoms, known as enthusiasm.

Anyone who suffers from sciatica should be treated according to the above four types, in order to clear the meridian qi and blood stagnation, hurricane, cold, and dampness to make the camp and harmonize and get rid of the disease.

  Trigeminal neuralgia is a paroxysmal, transient pain in certain parts of the face.

The disease usually occurs in the forehead of the facial retina, the upper jaw or the mandible.

The pain often suddenly occurs, it is lightning-like, and the knife cuts are unbearable.

The age of onset of the disease is mostly after middle age, the number of female patients.

The pathogenesis of the disease is mostly to feel the evil of the cold, the guest in the facial meridian, causing the meridian to be arrested, the blood flow is blocked, and suddenly the pain.

“Su Wen · Pain Theory” said: “Cold enthusiasm into the classics and late, weeping, but the guests are outside the pulse, the blood is less, the passengers in the veins are mad, but the death is painful.

“In addition, liver qi stagnation, stagnation and fire, diet is not good, food stagnation heat, liver and stomach fire on the face and body yin deficiency, room labor injury, causing yin deficiency and fire caused by the disease.
In addition, diseases such as teeth, mouth, ear and nose can induce this disease.
In the course of treatment, the cause should be investigated and dialectically.

For those who feel the cold, it is necessary to ventilate the blood; those with liver and stomach stagnation, to blaze the fire of the liver and stomach; those who are yin and anger, should use the method of nourishing yin and reducing fire.

Acupuncture has a better therapeutic effect.

  Although the temperature of Gu Yu’s solar terms is mainly sunny and warm, but when it is still cold and hot in the morning and evening, people who are early and late should be more careful to protect themselves and avoid unnecessary pain.

  Here to recommend Gu Yu three health coups: First, Gu Yu in March in the middle of a day to five o’clock, sitting cross-legged, luck, and then shut up, left hand force up, the other hand moved to the chest pressLive the nipple, slowly exhale, close the gas, then change the right hand and lift the force, the other hand moved to the chest to place the nipple.

Repeatedly doing this five to seven times, then the teeth moved thirty-six times, adjusted to breathe, and Jin liquid swallowed Dantian nine times.

It can be cured: spleen and stomach damage, blood stasis, yellow eyes, nosebleeds, swelling of the lower jaw, swelling of the outside of the arm, and palm fever.

  Second, the six-character 诀 health care six-character 诀 is a kind of vomiting method.

It is through the different best mouth shape of the six words of hu, h, pharynx, blow, sputum, etc., the force of the lip and mouth mouthpiece is different, to affect the movement of different organs, blood and meridians.

  The preparatory two-legged open, shoulder width, head straight neck, chest pull back, loose waist and loose, knees slightly flexed, body relaxation, breathing naturally.

  Breathing uses abdominal breathing, first call back and suck, call the words while reading, while lifting the anus and kidney, weight to the heel.

  After adjusting each word for six times, adjust the interest once to take a break and restore nature.

Six-character 诀 full set of exercises for each word to do six breaths, three times in the morning and evening, the effect will be seen in the long-term.

  Third, the platoon guidance function adapts to the scope: sleepiness, lack of energy.

  Specific methods: natural sitting, upper body integrity, body relaxation, both hands from the outside of the two thighs, the whole body relax, the left hand grabs the right foot, the right hand grabs the left foot, pulls the left and right force six times, then the two arms cross, the two hands by the two thighsStretch out the person, grab the left foot with your left hand, grab your right foot with your right hand, and pull back six times with force.