[Frozen yogurt]_ frozen yogurt _ how to do _ practice

[Frozen yogurt]_ frozen yogurt _ how to do _ practice

[Frozen yogurt]_ frozen yogurt _ how to do _ practice

Yogurt is divided into normal temperature yogurt and frozen yogurt. The nutritional value of frozen yogurt is also very high. The method is similar to ordinary yogurt. The most important thing is to make the yogurt and then freeze it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.

This way, it tastes a little ice cream. The key lies in the fermentation process. Choose a starter that suits your taste.

In addition, it must be done under sterile conditions to avoid fermentation failure.

Ingredients: 1000ml milk, 15g baking powder.

1. The first is to clean the yogurt machine, the inner liner, the outer shell, and all of them must be washed three times with hot water. If the cleaning is not in place, it will affect the fermentation effect.

2. After washing, pour milk into the bladder. The milk should be full fat. I failed to use skimmed milk before. Add half of the starter when I poured half of the milk, and put the starter in half. Stir well before mixing.Pour in the remaining milk, add the rest of the starter, mix well, and turn in one direction, otherwise there will be foaming. When pouring the milk, you can pour the wall down, so that the poured milk has no air bubbles, and cover the inner gallbladder., Pour boiling water into the shell, put the inner container, cover the outer box, be sure to tighten it tightly, wait about ten hours in winter, about eight hours in summer, open the shell after time will see jelly-like yogurt.If you find that it is not solidified, you can continue to solidify until it solidifies.

3. Do not eat solidified yogurt immediately. Freeze it in the refrigerator for three or four hours. The taste will be the same as the yogurt bought outside. You can season it according to your personal taste. If you like sweet, you can add some white sugar and like fruits.The flavor can be added to the corresponding juice.

Frozen yogurt production method 4, there are many flavors of starter, there are original flavor, strawberry flavor, yellow peach flavor, mango flavor and so on. I personally think that the best taste is strawberry flavor and yellow peach flavor.With milk, some starters can ferment 700 ml of milk. Insufficient starters can cause fermentation failure.

5. The second method is to buy yogurt powder. The method is similar. After washing the inner container, add 500 ml of water, pour half of the yogurt powder, stir evenly, add water, pour the remaining yogurt powder, stir well, coverGood liner filling, put boiling water in the shell, soak the liner for eight to ten hours, put it in the refrigerator and evaporate for three or four hours. If 6, after making the yogurt, turn the boiling water in the shell upside down.The transferred liner can also be washed at this time. At this time, it can be washed with cold water, and the bottom can be soaked for a while.

Note the specific reasons for the failure of the yogurt: the milk is not full-fat, the liner is not washed, the amount of starter, and the length of time.

The freshly made yogurt doesn’t taste very good. It will taste great in the refrigerator for three or four hours.