What the running family should know: Why does the throat hurt after running?

What the running family should know: Why does the throat hurt after running?

What the running family should know: Why does the throat hurt after running?


Open mouth breathing During running, because the nose can not meet the body’s needs, it will start to open your mouth to breathe. At this time, the air sucked by the mouth will enter the throat. Due to the circulation of gas, the oral water loss will be too fast.

The saliva secreted by the throat can not keep up with the speed of consumption, and it is easy to cause the throat to dry and itching.

Some people are used to breathing with their mouths when they are running. Especially for some long-distance runners, they need to breathe when they need oxygen. This will cause the oral water to lose too much, and the saliva produced by the throat will not keep up with the speed of consumption.The phenomenon of dry throat.


Inhalation of foreign matter During running, the throat may be stimulated by inhalation of dust, particles, and other foreign matter in the air, causing itching and painful symptoms.

If the smog is still running, the scorpion is easily irritated by foreign matter such as dust, which is prone to ulcerative itching and pain.


Long-term non-sports long-term non-exercise exercise, after an occasional acute episode, the body organs can not adapt to the state of exercise for a while, there will be breathing is not smooth, may cause the throat to be stimulated, resulting in painful feeling of uncomfortable.


Cold and cold in the running process, the intensity of exercise will be a lot of sweat, if you do not change the sweaty clothes after running, it is easy to catch a cold when blown by the cool breeze, and the symptoms of cold also include sore throat.


People with pharyngitis, pharyngitis, tonsil enlargement, etc., usually have discomfort in the throat. After running, the pain and discomfort in the throat may be aggravated by poor breathing or foreign body irritation.

Many people have a throat after running, and the squeaky sound is too much associated with a viral cold or chronic laryngitis, especially in the cold winter.


Water shortage in the body During running, a large amount of sweating will cause a lot of water and salt to be lost in the body, resulting in a lack of water in the body, causing the throat to dry due to lack of water, and itching and even pain after running.


Cold air stimulation runs in the cold weather outdoors, and it will enter the mouth due to inhalation of a large amount of cold air. There is no warming effect, direct stimulation to the trachea, and the throat is ruptured, resulting in dryness, inflammation, and secretion of these parts.The throat is uncomfortable with pain, itching, and coughing.


Excessive intensity is too large, the running strength is too large, the body is overloaded, the blood circulation in the body is accelerated, the throat is breathing tightly, the absorbed particles adhere to the respiratory tract wall, and the blood circulation is interlaced with it. Under the compression of the blood, the particles accumulate the smell of blood., resulting in a bloody smell in the throat.

In this case, after running, rest can be recovered.