[Can egg tarts be made without egg tart skins?

[Can egg tarts be made without egg tart skins?

[Can egg tarts be made without egg tart skins?

There are still not a few people who love egg tarts in life, because egg tarts taste particularly good. Both elderly and young children are more suitable. Egg tarts are made from pure eggs. Its nutritional value is also high, butGenerally, when making egg tarts, you need to use tin foil egg tart skins. If the egg tarts made without egg tart skins may not be formed, can the egg tarts be made without egg tart skins?

How to make red bean cake with egg tart skin Step 1.

Prepare all the main ingredients, one bowl of red beans, half bowl of caster sugar, and 7 tart crusts.


Wash the red beans, add to the pressure cooker, and add an appropriate amount of water.

The amount of water must not exceed the depth of the knuckles of the red beans.

My red beans are not foaming. If you brew the red beans well in advance, use less water.

Turn to low heat and simmer for about 18 minutes.

I use an old-style pressure cooker. After the pressure cooker automatically deflates, open the lid and take out the red beans. At this time, the red beans are cooked but not blooming, and there is still a little water after the water is absorbed by the red beans.


A layer of red beans and a layer of white sugar are stored in a sealed container, and the honey red beans are completed.

It can be used to make a lot of snacks, make taro balls, make bread, make steamed buns, etc., or boil a little water and cook it to make a bowl of delicious red bean soup.


Take an egg tart crust and add the right amount of honey red beans.


Fold the custard in half, remembering to fold it with the foil outside.

Squeeze the pinch tightly or squeeze it with a fork.


After all is done, add it to the Supor lift pan roaster. The pan can be removed for easy cleaning.


Close the upper lid and turn the middle knob to a thickness of 35 mm to activate the pot helmet function.

After setting, remember to remove the tin foil and color the egg tart skin. If the color is not enough, you can extend the baking time appropriately.


The crispy and delicious red bean cakes are ready.


The crust is crispy and dregs, and the filling is sweet and delicious.


Both adults and children love it, and it’s not difficult to learn. Have you learned it?