The simple truths found in life

The simple truths found in life

The simple truths found in life

Some attitudes about life are hidden in our daily behaviors. Don’t care about everything, but it is too serious to care about every point, sometimes it is denied. It is not a certainty.

Look at the world with a tolerant heart, and you will find that the winter sun is also very bright.

  Many people like the feeling of a new look after the house has been cleaned.

In the same way, the feeling of finishing the hair is also very good, because the extra things are removed.

The same is true of our professional status, which requires regular elimination of workplace stress.

  Children are happy because they don’t have too much thought and no worries.

Adults are different. There are too many backlogs in our lives and too many imaginary complexities and some enlarged grief.

  Anyone who uses a computer knows that the recycle bin needs to be emptied frequently, otherwise it will take up too much space and affect the speed of the computer.

The human mind is also.

You can’t throw anything away, and you can’t keep everything.

A wise person is a good person to choose, a person who chooses at the right time.

People who have too many minds go unhappy, and people who have no mind at all are mostly irrational.

  And the lack of life is also here, you have to constantly clean up and give up some things, because “the less stuff stuffed in life, the more potential you can reach.”

I remember in a scene, a person said to the protagonist: “Let’s go, don’t look back, don’t do it, don’t come back.

“What he meant was to get him out of here, hoping not to let the past drag him down.”

  Cleaning the mind is a process of struggle and struggle.

Life is a journey that keeps waving. The younger must say goodbye to his hometown. The sad person must say goodbye to the sadness. The eagle must say goodbye to ease, and happiness must say goodbye to sorrow.

If you don’t say goodbye, you don’t have to grow up. If you want to be strong, you have to be brave to turn around. Parting is to get together better.

  Giving up is also a kind of tolerance. Just like a country, there is no growth without tolerance.

Among all the elements of success, the mind is the first, or it can be said that tolerance is the first.

  Sometimes, giving up the words of the offense, giving up the urge to anger, and abandoning the desire for revenge is itself a tolerance.

  Smart people often have to give up explanations.

For many people, the explanation is to cover up.

Li Wei said well: Sometimes the explanation is expected – the enemy does not believe in your explanation, and the friend does not need your explanation.

There are many things that don’t need to be explained at all. It’s sometimes because the rain is not clear, and it’s fine.

  Don’t be afraid of successful people, because as long as you do things, you will make mistakes, and you will touch some people, which will cause some people’s dissatisfaction.

In fact, it is very good to have 50% of people agree with you. There are very few hundred things in the world. The more beautiful things, the easier it is to break.

To exercise your ability to treat opposition correctly, you must be brave enough to take the initiative to seek opposition.

Don’t reject the opponent. He can have his opinion. This is his freedom and has nothing to do with you.

Don’t bother to argue with him, it’s important to hurry.

  Time produces beauty. Almost everyone has their own sadness, so we are not surprised. Some places that seem to be important, such hometowns, alma mater, original units, first love scenes, but not many people are eager to go back.That’s because there are too many stories in it, there are too many heavy ones in place.

Out of sight out of mind.

  And when everything can be seen, there is often nothing to lose, time dilutes the past, leaving only good memories, memories of youth, memories of growth, memories of hard work, and rubbing shoulders.And the bright smile and the warm candlelight in the lonely night.

I have participated in and interviewed many celebrations, and I have seen the most white hair of my eyes and the tears of reunion.

Years can soften the hardest heart.

  Social psychologists tell us that terrible embarrassment arises in similar developing countries and regions, and conflicts often stem from the entanglement of interests.

“Every creature is exposed to a high degree of combat,” because all living things have a high rate of increase, and in the case of limited resources, the struggle for survival is constant.

The most violent battles almost always occur between individuals of the same species, because they live in the same area and need the same foodstuffs, which is also a threat.The relaxation of some tensions requires time and distance. It is far away, and it feels irrelevant, and it is released.

Looking far away, many things are beautiful.

  Therefore, I often warn myself that there is no need to solve problems that cannot be solved, and that problems that cannot be solved will disappear in the torrent of time.

In fact, whether it is a misunderstanding, a contempt, or a contradiction, will change the transition of time and fade away. Time can turn the Bohai Sea into a mulberry field.

  I have done a lot of columns on the aesthetics of retreat, but I have rarely done a column for more than a year, because I feel that for any text performance, it is long enough for a year.

Even the best eyes, watching a thing will be fatigued for a long time, the physical strength, emotional and intellectual cycle determines that a person can not stay in the climax forever, in a life cycle, people have to go to a low tide.

One year is a life cycle.

  “A timely and beautiful retreat is just as important as a beautiful offense.

Helping someone for a long time, even the goddess of luck will be tired.”

The important thing is not to win the cheers of others when you arrive, but to miss others when you leave.

  The aesthetics of retreat is the beginning and the end.

Its key is the timing and way of “final”.

It is harder to get out of the way than to enter smoothly, because the top of the mountain is beautiful because people are generally tired when going down the mountain.

  ”There is no long moss on the rolling stone,” and the mountain is not the first mountain.

A person’s life will climb countless mountains, and each mountain is so chic, but no mountain is really worth staying forever.

  One factor that influences retirement is greed, and another factor is excessive attachment.

No one can be overly obsessed with the interests of life.

The so-called obstinacy is not a paranoia in a certain aspect, a certain desire, an attempt, a certain purpose, a certain process.

Any paranoia can make people lose their pertinent judgments, thus missing the beauty and delaying life.

  You can’t lose anything if you lose. “You can’t lose anything because you give someone a smile, because it will come back forever.”

How do you get out of things, how come back.

No one doesn’t like to smile.

  But the problem is that things that make people smile are often not around, but you are annoyed, and things that are uneasy are often lingering.

Being unable to be with people and things you like is the root cause of many people’s unhappiness, because you have no source of happiness.

  I used to have a few days, I am very embarrassed, the girl I like does not care about me, my carefully prepared manuscript has been changed to change, my body has also had problems, the cold from time to time patronize me, my life is a mess.

At this time, my good friend said to me: “If you lose anything, you can’t lose your mood. Some things are let go.

“I decided to change.

I no longer look for the girl. I immediately voted for the manuscript. I also said goodbye to a lazy and irregular life, starting to play and run every day.

As a result, my body became fit, my manuscript was published soon, and I won the prize. I no longer “care” that girl started to care about me. I always think that one person or thingThere are certain reasons why you can feel uncomfortable. Some reasons may be known for a long time, and you will never know for some reasons, but these are not important. What is important is that it makes you uncomfortable.It affects your mood, affects your judgment, and affects your time.

Give others a chance to re-recognize you and give yourself a chance to know the wider world. What is wrong with it.