[How to eat litchi]_Litch_Benefits_Inevitable

[How to eat litchi]_Litch_Benefits_Inevitable

[How to eat litchi]_Litch_Benefits_Inevitable

Litchi is a favorite fruit of many people. Litchi is rich in sugar, protein and multivitamins, and also contains arginine and tryptophan. Therefore, it has high nutritional value. Eating lychee has nourishing brain, improves immunity, and reducesMany advantages such as blood sugar.

First, the benefits of litchi to the skin. Contemporary scientific research has found that litchi is rich in sugar, protein, provitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, citric acid, pectin, and a lot of free arginine and tryptophan.

The skin is a manifestation of the internal function and state of the human body. People who are malnourished and eat an improper diet will not have healthy skin.

Litchi is rich in various nutrients and can promote blood circulation of fine blood vessels. Therefore, eating litchi often can not only prevent freckles and other pigment spots, but also make the skin smooth and delicate.

Second, the nutritional value of lychee The rich sugar contained in lychee has the function of replenishing energy and increasing nutrition. Studies have shown that lychee has nourishing effects on brain tissue and can significantly improve symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, and fatigue; lychee meat is rich in vitamin C.And protein, which help to strengthen the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance; lychee has the effects of swelling and detoxification, hemostatic and analgesic; lychee has rich vitamins, can promote blood circulation of fine blood vessels, prevent freckles, and make the skin smoother.
The pulp has the effects of nourishing the spleen and liver, regulating qi and blood, warming and analgesic, replenishing the heart and soothe the nerves; the nucleus has the effects of regulating qi, dispersing and analgesic; it can stop hiccups and diarrhea;At the same time, it has nourishing brain fitness, appetizing and spleen, and has the effect of promoting appetite.

Third, the benefits of eating litchi 1, nourish the brain, supplement energy Litchi pulp is rich in glucose, sucrose, the total amount of sugar is more than 70%, ranking first in a variety of fruits, with energy and nutrition.

Studies have shown that litchi has a nourishing effect on brain tissue and can significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness and fatigue.

2. Enhancing immune function Litchi meat is rich in vitamin c and protein, which enhances the immune function of the body and improves disease resistance.

Therefore, litchi has been regarded as a precious supplement since ancient times.

3, lower blood sugar Although lychee contains a lot of sugar, but it contains an amino acid, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar, which is very suitable for patients with diabetes.

4, swelling and detoxification, hemostasis and pain relief In addition to the well-known tonic effect, if used as a surgical disease, such as tumors, scabies, scabies malignancies, trauma bleeding and other diseases.

5, stop hiccups, stop diarrhea, litchi sweet and warm the spleen, and can reduce inverse, it is a refractory hiccup and the best food therapy for five people who leak.

6. Yijing Bushen Litchi contains free amino acids, fructose, glucose, pectin, malic acid, citric acid, etc.

It is not only a health-care fruit for fitness and beauty, but also can be used to treat insufficient fluid and kidney deficiency dreams, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, and forgetfulness and insomnia.